• Feb 2 - Feb 9, 2019

    Costa Rica Yoga Retreat!

    A special retreat for you! In the middle of the jungle, with just a 5 min walk to beach. Yoga, Delicious Vegan meals professional prepared, sloths, wilderness, Medicinal Walk, Waterfall hikes, meet a Shaman, and much more...

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We are your Sacred Space where Quality overrides
Quantity in the Art of Self Preservation.

We all share this planet called Earth, and whether we live in Raleigh, NC or Bombay, India, who among us is truly at peace in this world? Who among us does not wish to be? True contentment is a rare state of being that we all aspire to whether we realize it or not.

All of us desire freedom from the many negative influences that surround us; physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties can combine to overwhelm any of us, and many individuals here in Raleigh depend on the truly extraordinary benefits of yoga to enhance their physical health while lessening or eliminating the negative energies that detract from the quality of their life.

Yoga offers a stronger and more flexible body that is in balance with itself— a body that is pain free.

Yoga provides a clear pathway to the inner mind where the secret to true contentment resides.

Yoga promotes a spiritual awareness and joy for those who invite this extraordinary discipline into their life.

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word yoga means union, which refers to the joining of the body, mind, and soul. This comprehensive, three- pronged approach to self-improvement offers a tried and true way to enhance physical health, achieve clarity and contentment of the mind, and experience true spiritual joy. Yoga offers exceptional benefits for those who embrace the ancient practice, and there are many devotees here in Raleigh who say that yoga has been an extraordinarily uplifting force in their life. Perhaps no other discipline pursued to enrich our existence can offer all that is attained through the learning of the timeless art of yoga.

For some Yoga may be considered a philosophy, a practice, a work out, a way of life or just yoga. We are born into this world with an inhale and we leave with an exhale. Life is a cycle. Everything comes to us in cycles. With yoga, one is able to enjoy these cycles of life with the use of breath, also known as Prana. Pranayama is the art of practicing your breath to control the obstacles created by your actions in this beautiful world.

 Yoga helps your mental, physical, and spiritual being.

Yoga gives your mind a constant clarity by nourishing your physical being with the fresh flow of oxygen throughout your veins, organs, muscles, and mind. As you inhale your body takes in pure oxygen. On your exhale your body releases toxins and everything negative. This oxygen is carried throughout your body and mind which helps to purify all of your senses. You start to taste, feel, and smell things differently, hear and see more clearly.

Your body becomes alive.
You begin to feel more peaceful within yourself.

More than anything you will begin to notice the way you view life and the way life views you seems different. Better.


Spring / Summer Yoga Teacher Training begins March 30th, 2019

Workshop Series 8 Limbs of Yoga Off the Mat We’ll use the practices of journaling, yoga postures, breathing exercises, open-lectures, essay topics for self contemplation (topics to include your personal experiences), setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, and walking meditation to explore the 8-limbs and to have as tools in our practice of yoga on and off the mat. Meets Every Sunday for 4 Weeks. 1.15 Group Discussion followed by 1 hr Yoga on the Mat Practice Sunday Session 4:30-7pm 4 week Series $120 Small and Intimate Yoga Trainings where Quality over rides Quantity. A 6 month immersion into the self. You will learn the foundations of all Yoga and how to work with your injuries, ailments, and how to properly and mindfully guide others on their journey. It is a quest to know yourself, it is even more of a quest to apply what you learn and coexist with others. You receive 100 physical practice hours at your own pace during 6 months. We meet every Monday for 2 hours lecture. Totally attainable! Click here to learn more!


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