Yoga Yoga!

I have one question for you:

How did you get into Yoga?

Woohoo!!! And this is my new post…..

So I am psyched! Spencer set up my blog. I understand this is one of the new things to do for your website. I haven’t figured it out completely but we shall see:)

Friday night I had my Power Yoga class at the YMCA downtown and had the opportunity to see the class thru a different perspective. I normally practice with my students but since I hurt my trapezius I decided to take a break. I like to practice what I preach- respect your limits. Well anyhow it seemed like a pretty intense class and everybody did such an awesome job. I met 2 new people. One person was A, who will be retiring here in about 6 months and moving to Thailand, he is retiring from the massage and rehabilitation career and did wonders for my trapezius. The other I think her name is S. She is native American Indian and will be moving out west. S and her friend attend my classes regularly, but we have never met. But they brought in 3 new students in the class who did wonderful.  B and A did wonderful. They are sooooo supportive of me and I am so greatful! Thank you! D did awesome.  I love the fact that everybody is not afraid to voice themselves in class. Most people hold it in. I don’t want that. Most people go into classes to compete with others but my classes I see people feel more comfortable to express the fact that they are feeling it and challenging themselves. It was also great to see S.  S is such a great hairdresser and we got to joke about the Jamie Kennedy Yoga Experiment. You can check it out on You Tube. Here is the link

So I want to see how this works when I post it. So I will write again shortly.


Hello world!

Hello Hello…… This is my blog for Raleigh NC Yoga and am so  excited. I welcome you to read and enjoy. Feel free to comment. For the record. I don’t follow the scholarly way of writing so, please don’t take it personal. I may speak 1/2 English and 1/2 Spanish at times.  I will be mentioning people or students only  with their first Inital of their first name.  I hope you will enjoy this as I much as I (hopefully) will.


“Our life is shaped by our minds. We become what we think.” ~ Buddha

Yoga in Raleigh, North Carolina or Around the World

We all share this planet called Earth, and whether we live in Raleigh or Bombay, India, who among us is truly at peace in this world? Who among us does not wish to be? True contentment is a rare state of being that we all aspire to whether we realize it or not.

All of us desire freedom from the many negative influences that surround us; physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties can combine to overwhelm any of us, and many individuals here in Raleigh depend on the truly extraordinary benefits of yoga to enhance their physical health while lessening or eliminating the negative energies that detract from the quality of their life.

~ Yoga offers a stronger and more flexible body that is in

balance with itself— a body that is pain free.

~ Yoga provides a clear pathway to the inner mind

where the secret to true contentment resides.

~ Yoga promotes a spiritual awareness and joy for those who invite this extraordinary discipline into their life.

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word yoga means union, which refers to the joining of the body, mind, and soul. This comprehensive, three- pronged approach to self-improvement offers a tried and true way to enhance physical health, achieve clarity and contentment of the mind, and experience true spiritual joy.

Yoga offers exceptional benefits for those who embrace the ancient practice, and there are many devotees here in Raleigh who say that yoga has been an extraordinarily uplifting force in their life. Perhaps no other discipline pursued to enrich our existence can offer all that is attained through the learning of the timeless art of yoga.

For some Yoga may be considered a philosophy, a practice, a work out, a way of life or just yoga. We are born into this world with an inhale and we leave with an exhale. Life is a cycle. Everything comes to us in cycles. With yoga, one is able to enjoy these cycles of life with the use of breathe, also known as Prana. Pranayama is the art of practicing your breathe to control the obstacles created by your actions in this beautiful world.

Yoga helps your mental, physical, and spiritual being.

Yoga give your mind a constant clarity by nourishing your physical being with the fresh flow of oxygen throughout your veins, organs, muscles, and mind.

As you inhale your body takes in pure oxygen. On your exhale your body releases toxins and everything negative. This oxygen is carried throughout your body and mind which helps to purify all of your senses. You start to taste, feel, and smell things differently, hear and see more clearly.

Your body becomes alive. You begin to feel more peaceful within yourself. More than anything you will begin to notice they way you view life and the way life views you seems different. Better.

Come and experience the beauty of yoga. Come and discover the peace that has always existed within yourself and this exciting world.


Claudia, you are so real and authentic and every class is just so “in the moment” and I just LOVE that.. I love the resonance of that”

~ Barbra