North Raleigh Yoga

As most of you know I am at a few locations up north and have had a few requests to add more classes in the am. I am available Monday, Thursday, and Fridays in the am. The location options I have are O2fitness off of Creedmoor, another off od 540 and falls of neuse and also CC & Co.

Please let me know if you are interested. I would like to gather a consistent group so that I may reserve space.

Email me any thoughts or ideas you may have.




Teresa you are in my thoughts

My good friend and co worker Teresa’s mother passed away a little over a week ago with cancer. She was fighting for a while.  Unfortunately her father passed away early this morning. I want her to know that she will be okay and that it is truly amazing how much love there was in her parents hearts.  His heart was too broken to heal and it is amazing how love conquers. I hopes she is able to find the peace within herself to be able to know that her parents will always be there by her side, anywhere she goes. Anything she deals with they will be there. I wish her the most and look forward to taking her to the park where we can sit on a rock by a creek and just dip our toes in the cold water. Where the current can take all her sorrows  awasy. She needs a break. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

With lots of love,


Crazy music for Friday night

Let me know what type of music you want to hear this Friday night so that I can make a mix.

I need ideas! Send them my way.


Sunset Yoga at Durant Park

We need at least 2 more people. Help me make it happen! Please spread the word…Sunset Yoga at Durant Park Monday nights at 7-8pm at the boat docks!!!! Tell your firends and family.

Here is the link

It is only $10 per class and 4 classes per month. We plan on holdong this through Fall. Check it out!

Fridays at 7am Yoga Rise at the Alexander YMCA

Starting in June I will be teaching early 7am Yoga Rise class at the Alexander Family YMCA downtown. Graham Williams whom teaches Iyengar style yoga will be opening her own space and I want to er her the best and Felicidades on your accomplishments and the most success to her. You may check her out at
I plan on checking out her classes.
Woohoo for Graham!