Planning a yoga retreat in the mountains

If you are interested to go on an awesome yoga retreat, send me your email and contact information. It should be fun. 2 AM classes and 2 PM classes. Between you get to go and adventure.

I am hoping to do this in October.I need at least 12 people.

More to come.

Yoga Roll at Carolina Sushi

So if you love sushi, go and check out Carolina Sushi’s Yoga Roll. It is shrimp tempura, cream chees, avocado with white fish ontop. May sure and ask Nabi for spicy mayo and eel sauce on the side. Yummy Yummy!!!

Their Las Vegas roll is also really good.

Calling on Artists and Healers

If you know of anybody who may want to display and sell their artwork, please have them contact me.

If you know of any good Massage Therapist, Reiki, Acupuncturists or Healers, please have them contact me.


I am still in shock about the studio:)

M. B. J. & E. helped me paint on Sunday. I chose the color Eastern Amber for the vault. It  is looking good. There is still alot that needs to be done and will be done sooner than later. I purchased the some more paint today. It is called Peanut Butter I think. I also bought some more curtains and a rug for the rooms. Oh yes and a small fountain.  Woohoo!!!! Now I need therapists.

Music for Yoga Friday 8/28 night Yoga Fusion and Sat 8/29 O2 Fitness

I enjoyed this music in class and I hope you did too:)

Inspired by K, I felt bad that I haven’t played alot of Jazzy styles for her and hope she liked this:)

ARTIST                      SONG
Alpha                         Monophonic
Essex Green             Primose
Medeski, Marti        Anonymous Skulls
Alpha                          Means to an end
Mr. Scruff                 Ug
SiA                               Breathe me
Ratatat                       El Pico
Windsor for the Derby        The Melody of a Fallen Tree
Heartour                  Inside
C Plus Student        Passion
Ratatat                      Lapland