A feeling of Unity.

unity1.jpgThis was a gift given to me by my sister Monica. It stands for Unity.
I want to create a feeling of community and hope that people will come here to gather and meet new people and find peace within themselves.

I want people to know that Yoga is for everybody. It is not about the brand of clothes you where or the car you drive, but who you are as a person. I want people to come to the studio and find their escape from their everyday life.

The studio is small and makes it so that you will end up knowing or meeting the person you are sitting next to. Though yoga is a mind and body connection you are not alone in your practice. We are effected everyday by our surroundings. When someone is sad you become sad and when someone is smiling it usually makes you smile. 

I love the fact that Ujjayi Breathing is also known as “Ocean Breathing”  because it sounds like the ocean. In class when I have everybody breathing alound it is amazing to here the individaul waves in each person. Listen to them all together and you will hear the ocean. It so powerful. One person may breathe shallow and another may have a stronger, fuller breathing pattern, but indirectly the stronger breather helps out the shallow breather. Like picking them up from a fall and I wonder if they ever realize the impact they are having on one another. 

Yes, yoga is not a competition and it is about turning inward and growing as an idividual. But it is each indivual that makes the world we live in today.

I hope you are able to learn and grow with yourself and with the world at our new yoga studio “y Respira”.


Quan Yin – Goddess of Compassion and Wisdom


Come and check out the new “y Respira” Yoga Studio

Yoga Sign
Yoga Sign
So this is a quick pic of the new yoga sign.

My first sign:) Wiiippiiitttiii!!!!!! It faces Fayetteville street which is the main street in downtown Raleigh. I am 1 block from the court house and literally smack in the center of it all. It has been a crazy few weeks and I cannot believe I have a studio. I hope only the best comes out of this. It is always a little nervous starting a business and yes times are tough, but sometimes when the opportunity arives you have to just take it!

I never pictured myself working in a city in corporate america. Well I am not actually in corporate America, but in their boundries. Cities are so faced paced and work work work…. Flourescent lighting and concrete buidings. Less tress, less green, more fumes:(  Then it hit me…
I am creating this little oasis, smack in the center of downtown and I hope people can really feel like they can escape here. The lighting is dim, I have aromatherapy oils in the air and hope to always be able to greet everybody with a smile on my face. The time seems right.
When I opened my skin care studio in Florida it was over a 2 week period and boom, there it was. It just happened. Everything seemed to just fall into place. The same for this studio. 2 weeks and here it is. I had also opened in September. Must be a good Karma month!
All of my objects that I had in storage just fit into the studio like it was meant to be. The colors are strong and bold. I chose them to be like that because, well, I am in a bank vault. The doors are soooo thick and strong. It is a very interesting theme. Please check it out.
I have been fortunate that in this time I have also had the opportunity to become closer friends with a few of my students. They have been so supportive and wonderful and I am soooo grateful. I wish them the only best in life.
Thank you:)

“y Respira” Yoga Retreat RSVP today!


 Take some time for yourself sooner than later with a Yoga Retreat!

Location is Todd, NC just North of Boone. Bring a friend and come to meet new people with a similar interest- Yoga!

There will be 2 classes in the am and 2 in the pm. Take the day to explore the area, shops, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, ping pong and so much more.

 Info is as follows:

Dates Nov 5- 8th, 2009

We will have bonfires and there is a hot tub and sauna and lots of friendly people.

There is limited space for the retreat, so you will need to book sooner than later.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Raleigh NC Yoga “y Respira” studio is officially open

Doors opened this Tuesday and it is just a delight. I have some wonderful people that I have met through this process and I want to really let them know how much I appreciate all of their hard work.  So far there have been 4 new students and I am only putting happy thoughts out there with hopes that everything works. I feel positive.

I am hoping to have the artists start to hang some pictures or paintings soon. I had so many responses and am very pleased. I have met with a massage therapist and have to meet a few more before I make my final decision. Same with acupuncturist and reiki and over all healers.

This is all so excited and has happened soooooo quickly.

When I opened the studio in Florida, it all happened over the same period of 2 weeks and it was also in a September.Crazy!

Sending out Happy thoughts to everybody!