Yoga for the Raleigh Downtowner.

Work Work Work!!!! More paperwork, meetings, calls, reports, co workers…….

What about you? We live in such a state of panic from there is not enough time to get things done to how old am I?

Time just passes us by and we really just forget to “stop and smell the roses”.

With time we get achy and stressed and tired and sick and then the diseases start kicking in and by the time you know it you forgot what it is about to actually enjoy the simply things. We allow everthing in our path to become a job and of course there is the idea that no body can do it as good as you can.

Life is meant to enjoy and find peace with each moment and second. We will never be able to truly appreciate all that we do until we begin to live in the present. We need to relearn how to breathe and not how to take it for granted. Of course, we know we are breathing by the obvious (we are alive), but are we slowly suffocating ourselves by holding everything in?

As I type these words, I feel as if it a little depressing, but realty is, this is what happens to most people everyday.  When we hold our breathe we do not allow the proper oxygen needed into our systems. Our mind gets cluttered, we begin to lose focus, and we well just start to hurt.

At the begining of every year we vow to take better care of ourselves, to workout more, eat healthier……

Why wait till the New Year? Everytime we close our eyes and reopen them we have the opportunity to view the world in a different way.  Yoga can teach us many things but the key is breathing, living, loving and just being in the present.

Yoga is the union of mind and body, using the art of breathing. If we don’t breathe, then we cannot live. It is that simple.

y Respira, which translates in English to “& Breathe” offers the art of yoga, mind, body, breathe connection for everybody of all ages, shape, sizes, race, religion. You don’t have to be gumpy to practice yoga, you just have to be in the present. We teach all styles of yoga from Beginner’s Yoga, to Flows, to Restorative poses to Power Naps to Meditations.

Come and check us out and you will get your first class for free. What do you have to lose?

Why not try Yoga?

Are you stressed?
Do you grind your teeth?
Are you feeling anxious?
Is there too much drama in your life?
Are you losing control?
Do you think too much?
Are you feeling confused?

Why not try yoga?

What better way to take time for yourself, than with the practice of yoga. Connect your mind and body with your breathe.

First class complimentary.


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