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y Vivir Yoga Studio

Beginning September 13th

Flow Yoga with Jennifer

Monday evening 6:30‐8:00pm

Gentle‐Moderate Kripalu yoga class that combines breath, alignment and form to increase strength and vitality in the body, reduce stress, and relax the mind. Each class includes breathing practice, yoga postures, ending with a rejuvenating deep relaxation and brief meditation. This is a gentle, introspective practice that will leave you feeling de‐stressed and refreshed to start your week.

Beginning October 1st

Yoga Rise with Claudia

Friday mornings 8:30‐9:30am

The perfect way to begin your day. Center your body. Center your mind and re awaken your spirit. Classes focus on breathing techniques and proper form. Instructors will correct your form and alignment along with educate you on the mental and physical benefits of yoga asanas.

Location : North Raleigh Community Church
8032 Ray Road
Raleigh, NC 27613