Yoga Teacher Training with ERYT Claudia & Rachel begins July 14th 2012

Testimonial from 2012 graduate Sarah
A friend of mine in Winston-Salem works at the hospital and they have an on-staff yoga instructor. My friend arranged for me to meet with her and talk about her experiences in teaching and her education over the years. It was great talking with her and I gained some helpful insights, but I really appreciate you as my instructor so much more now. She only teaches one form of yoga. She is also pretty hard core about vegetarian lifestyle, no sugar, no caffeine, nothing microwaved, etc. She was a big name dropper in who she’s worked with in India, London, California, the ashrams she’s studied at, etc. I’m so glad that I was in Raleigh and met you for my training. I feel like I’m getting a much more balanced education and it’s so nice to meet with other yoga people and see what styles, experiences, other insight there is out there, but I definitely made a good choice in you as my instructor. Thanks!! 🙂

From 2011 Graduate Holli K.
~Ahhh! YOU are truly a wonderful teacher…that’s not even the best way to put it….I am falling into an even deeper love with yoga and believe me, that’s saying a lot because we (me and yoga) have been pretty tight for years! It’s all I’ve thought about and talked about for a long long time and to see myself getting more wrapped into it (and learning an infinite amount about myself and view of the world as a result) is, for me, simply joyous. And this only after 2 days!!! Ahh! Thank you. thank you. thank you, my beautiful teacher!

~I am so happy to be doing this training, to be meeting these people, to be reading these words, to be practicing this yoga. so, so happy…seriously, I still think I’m in a dream. You are awesome. Thank you:)

    ~You are a truly wonderful teacher. I have never felt stronger physically and progressed so far in my poses as I have with you, and with this training experience. That’s nothing short of awesome! I am so, so thankful to have the knowledge that has put me in this place of strength that I really did not know I was capable of…so thank you. Thank you for that.

Welcome to RNCY’S Teacher Training Certification Program. We look forward to working with you and guiding you to become better at your practice on and off of the mat. You do not have to become a teacher in order to go through our training program, but if you are interested in teaching yoga we are an accredited Yoga Alliance School. We focus on Breathing, Yoga Foundations, Alignment, Modifications and corrections, and most of all- How to teach:)
We have found it better to have small groups in our teacher trainings to make sure that our trainees receive the much needed attention in their forms and philosophy of Yoga. Read further to review more of the detailed curriculum. If you are interested in completing an application, please click RaleighNCYoga Teacher Application.

We believe that Yoga should be accessible to all which is why we keep the price of our Raleigh NC Yoga Teacher Training as low as it is: $2,199.00 (Early Bird Special), $2500 after June 15th, 2012
Non Refundable Deposit of $500 required. Space is limited
Payment plans may be available.

Pictures may be viewed of our previous trainings by visitng us on our Facebook page:

Introductions Saturday July 14th from 12:30 to 3pm

Mondays thru Fridays

Week 1 July 16th-20 (1hour practice & 1 hour lecture in the evenings)

Week 2 July 23rd- 27th (1hour practice & 1 hour lecture in the evenings)

Week 3 July 30th- August 3rd (1hour practice & 1 hour lecture in the evenings)

Week 4 Aug 6th- Aug 10th (1hour practice & 1 hour lecture in the evenings)

Week 5 Aug 13th – Aug 17th (1hour practice & 1 hour lecture in the evenings)

Week 6 Aug 20th- Aug 24th (1hour practice & 1 hour lecture in the evenings)

Aug25th Lecture/immersion 12:30- 4pm

Week 7 Aug 27th – Sept 1st (5 hours practice/week student chooses classes. Classes must be with Rachel or Claudia)

Sept 1stLecture/immersion 12:30- 4pm

Week 8 Sept 3rd – 8th (5 hours practice/week student chooses classes. Classes must be with Rachel or Claudia)

Sept 8th Lecture/immersion 12:30- 4pm

Week 9 Sept 10th -15th (5 hours practice/week student chooses classes. Classes must be with Rachel or Claudia)

Sept 15th Lecture/immersion 12:30- 4pm

Week 10 Sept 17th- 22nd (5 hours practice/week student chooses classes. Classes must be with Rachel or Claudia)

Sept 22nd Final 12:30- 4pm

Raleigh NC Yoga Curriculum

I.Techniques, Trainings, & Practice
A. History of yoga
B. Eight Limb Path of Yoga
C. Asanas
D. Breathing
1. Pranayama
2. Breathe of Fire
3. Ujjayi Breathing
4. Abdominal Breathing
5. Alternate Nostril Breathing
E. Dristhi
F. Bandhas
1. Mula 2. Uddiana 3. Jalandhara
G. Physical Benefits
H. Mental Benefits
I. Contraindications
J. Meditation – how to embrace the present
1. Still vs Moving
K. Various Yoga Styles discussed
1. Ashtanga
2. Iyengar
3. Hatha
4. Anusara
5. Vinyasa

II. Teaching Methodology
A. Discuss qualities of a good teacher and individual goals of students
B. Asanas – Finding the Balance of Power and Grace 1. Students will learn Sanskrit names of Asanas 2. Standing Poses 3. Seated Poses 4. Supine Poses 5. Balancing Poses- Standing, Supine, & Arm Balances 6. Hip Openers 7. Twists 8. Inversions 9. Counter poses 10. Back Bends 11. Forward Folds
C. Principles of Alignment
D. Correction & adjustments of poses- Students will learn & participate with hands on corrections and adjustments

III. Anatomy & Physiology
I. Roles of the Body Systems & Organs
A. Skeletal – The main role of the skeletal system is to provide support for the body, to protect delicate internal organs and to provide attachment sites for the organs. Bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

B. Muscular – The main role of the muscular system is to provide movement. Muscles work in pairs to move limbs and provide the organism with mobility. Muscles also control the movement of materials through some organs, such as the stomach and intestine, and the heart and circulatory system.Skeletal muscles and smooth muscles throughout the body.

C. Digestive – The main role of the digestive system is to breakdown and absorb nutrients that are necessary for growth and maintenance.Mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines.

D. Reproductive – The main role of the reproductive system is to manufacture cells that allow reproduction. In the male, sperm are created to inseminate egg cells produced in the female. Female (top): ovaries, oviducts, uterus, vagina and mammary glands. Male (bottom): testes, seminal vesicles and penis.

E. Excretory – The main role of the excretory system is to filter out cellular wastes, toxins and excess water or nutrients from the circulatory system. Kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.

F. Nervous System – The main role of the nervous system is to relay electrical signals through the body. The nervous system directs behavior and movement and, along with the endocrine system, controls physiological processes such as digestion, circulation, etc. Brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.
G. Circulatory – The main role of the circulatory system is to transport nutrients, gases (such as oxygen and CO2), hormones and wastes through the body Heart, blood vessels and blood.
I. Respiratory – The main role of the respiratory system is to provide gas exchange between the blood and the environment. Primarily, oxygen is absorbed from the atmosphere into the body and carbon dioxide is expelled from the body. Nose, trachea and lungs.

J. Endocrine – The main role of the endocrine system is to relay chemical messages through the body. In conjunction with the nervous system, these chemical messages help control physiological processes such as nutrient absorption, growth, etc. Many glands exist in the body that secrete endocrine hormones. Among these are the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands.

K. Lymphatic / Immune System – The main role of the immune system is to destroy and remove invading microbes and viruses from the body. The lymphatic system also removes fat and excess fluids from the blood. Lymph, lymph nodes and vessels, white blood cells, T- and B- cells.

L. Skin- The largest organ.

IV. Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics
A. Diet & Nutrition
B. Injuries, Health Conditions
C. Pregnancy & Yoga
D. Lifestyle
E. Student/ Teacher Relationship
F. Code of Ethics
G. The Ego
H. Confidence – my goal is to build the student’s confidence in their teaching skills
I. Religion and Respect
J. Compassion

V. Practicum Students will take turns teaching and criticizing one another with construction criticism verbally and by hands on, from instructor and fellow students

There will be an Practical and Written Exam upon the completion of this course.

VI. Electives
A. Journaling
B. Readings from Pantajali’s Sutras
C. Chakras
D. Meridians
E. How Yoga detox’s the mind and Body
F. Karma Yoga

Walking the Circle: The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine Applied to Daily Life

Walking the Circle with Amy Pierce

When: Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Time: 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Fee: Suggested Donation $77

Walking the Circle: The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine Applied to Daily Life

Upcoming Events
  • Walking the Circle
  • Greetings claudia,Please join us on Saturday, February 26, 2011 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. for a very special workshop with Minister in Integrative Healing, Amy Pierce, M.A.


    claudia conty

    Walking the Circle

    “An Ancient Tradition with Practical Applications”

    Don’t miss a unique opportunity to learn how to apply this ancient Wisdom Tradition to your 21st Century life!

    Amy Pierce

    Suggested donation $77 (if hardship, contact Amy). Limited seating, so deposit and registration due by February 22nd. Send your name, contact info, and $20 deposit to Amy Pierce at 725 Mill Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587. For additional information or to just talk with Amy, see the bottom of this page.

    Location: 234 Fayetteville St.
    Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
    Date: February 26, 2011 (snow date March 5)
    1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    In this acclaimed workshop, Amy will provide you with both printed materials and easy to understand, in-depth teaching and instruction about the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. You will learn how this ancient tradition can be applied to our 21st Century lives and used by you and those you love to create a more graceful existence. Following the learning period, Amy will then lead several volunteers in “Walking the Circle” where the “Gifts of the Five” will be used to explore an issue, concern, or problem. The issue will resolve itself based upon the wisdom and working of the Five Elements residing within each individual. Please have in mind one or two concerns you’d like to work with in case you are one of those chosen to walk the circle with Amy.

    Testimonials . . . “I have an infinite gratitude for the ways in which Amy presents significant, meaningful new information with embodied wisdom. She ‘holds the space’ in such a way that all are welcomed, reminded of the sacred within, and held in infinite embrace. This retreat and educational experience was nothing short of transformative.” – JHF, Hospice Spiritual Care Counselor

    Raleigh NC

    234 Fayetteville St.
    Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

    Contact Amy at 919-554-2711 Learn more about her work at her website and her blog, Authentic Self and In Spiritual Wonder.

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