$pending big bucks for Yoga clothes? Really?

$Spending big bucks for Yoga clothes? Really?

If yoga is about what we feel, then is it really necessary to purchase $$$ for pants to practice yoga? This is an issue that has been on my mind lots. When people call and ask what to wear for their first class, my most common answer is comfortable, movable clothes. A t-shirt that is not going to fall over your head in a forward bend and pants that are not going to show your bits and pieces, maybe even pajama pants. To practice yoga there is no need to purchase a whole new wardrobe. Yoga is slowly turning to this luxury and competitive sport with lots of egos and fluff. True Yoga is getting your mind-body to a place of inner contentment,not over-elaborate accessorized garble.

There are no mirrors in the studio only windows and Mother Nature does not judge us when she looks at us. She embraces us with her wander. She doesn’t dress up in fancy gear to make herself look pretty. She is beautiful the way she is. Her décor is natural, like the trees. She holds us up like the trees and like the trees it is are job to reach for the sun.

Yoga for “Dis-eases”

So many people are now being referred to yoga for medical “dis-eases”. May it be from their doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, even psychologist.
What makes yoga remarkable when suffering from Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, High Blood Pressure, Stress…..is that is helps us to regain control of our lives. It brings us back to the basics. We choose to complicate our lives by constantly searching for answers outside of us. We are programmed to wake up, maybe drop off kids, go to work, pick up kids maybe, eat dinner, watch tv, pass out from exhaustion, stress, and wake up to do the whole thing over and over again. We feel guilty if we want to take care of ourselves, b.c we don’t think it would be productive. We blame others for or short comings and we pop pills for quick fixes. When we start to get stressed or express symptoms of dis-ease our body starts to talk to us in subtle ways. We may have problems in our joints, maybe problems with grinding our teeth, uncontrollable sighs even. Our body starts to crave oxygen and we have 2 choices: we can pay attention to our body or ignore it and hope for the best. We do this with breathing. Try it….INHALE (for 3.2.1.)….PAUSE……Exhale (for 3.2.1) Do this 3 times. How do you feel?

We were born to breathe and with breathing comes life. This is what we call Prana in yoga- your life energy or life force.It is a proven fact that if you don’t breathe you will faint, pass out, maybe even die. Let’s not  let that happen, especially when you have all this paperwork you have to complete.

Here is a video, Breathe with me:)

The Vault, The Garage, & La Casita

Tonight in training one of the students asked me the differences in energy and what the students thought about the different spaces I occupied while owning RaleighNCYoga aka Y Respira Yoga Studio. This is what I learned.

I was originally downtown on Fayetteville St in a space now titled Vault Yoga. Though the space was neat, it was not for me. It was in the basement of downtown Raleigh, yes in a bank vault, but it had low ceilings and difficulty with parking. It was suitable for the time as the opportunity arrived and I took it. I have never been much of a city person, so it was very out of my comfort zone. The decor I chose were bold colors with a hint of Morrocan theme. I added some laminate flooring and turned off the flourenscent lighting. The original flooring is green carpet and there were steel bars inside that made the space look like a jail. There was no natural lighting so students complained about that, but it was a great space to feel surrounded by the earth b/c you were in a basement. The decor now is a bit more on the cold metal and modern side that embraces the concrete architecture of downtown. It adds to the modern urban feel that some love.  This location suited me well as it gave me the opportunity to create an oasis within the cement walls of a downtown. I also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.
The landlord was wonderful and she is a dear friend to me. It was an opportunity to embrace something that was not what I pictured for a yoga studio. The wonderful thing is that there is a place for students downtown to practice and that the owner -Patricia is a graduate of Raleigh NC Yoga’s first training program. The element energy was metal.

The Garage.
When we were expecting our sweet Victoria, I couldn’t imagine commuting downtown with a baby or having to be away from her to commute so we decided to move further north, just between North and South Raleigh. We found this great space convenient to home and in an area where there was less traffic and parking issues. Not a worry on getting a ticket -YAY!!! to say the least. The thing is this place was also the element of metal. A garage/ warehouse style space. And another awesome landlord:)We were downtown for about 2.5 years and on Millbrook for exactly a year. This location had sunlight and easy access to the entrance, high ceilings, and a room to do Thai Yoga Therapy:) We chose a neutral color and the students responded well to the more open feel of energy, b/c it had that sunlight and the spacial feeling of the high ceilings. The floor was cold- this time concrete, which we covered with vinyl and I really enjoyed this space. It brought a bit more clarity to my life. I am grateful for the move. The elemental energy was metal, air, and maybe some fire.

But I still was missing the Wind and Water. And this is where La Casita came in to view.

Since the birth of Victoria, I found it cumbersome and hard to juggle a business and being a mom. This was all new to me and I felt like the energy shifted. I needed to get my wind back and flow again like the water. One day Chris- my husband, gave me the idea of building a shed to teach in. And forget it. The seed was planted. This time it is what I wanted, what I imagined as a sanctuary or sangha as other s may say. Lots of windows to welcome the elements. The sound of rain falling on a metal roof. The flow of air with high ceilings, the warm fiery sun, and my favorite- the sound of the wind in the trees. I live with the elements and the seasons. Hatha Yoga is the balance of the sun and moon. Our home is yellow for the sun. La Casita is Dusty Violet for the moon. Soleil my little doggie has always been my sunshine ; she is pure Love. Opal Luna has been my moon (she is the wisdom of power). We have a big Yin Yang sign in our garden which I get to wake up to.  It is a sign of ease, a sign of balance, clarity. And with this all in mind the universe has allowed me to flow through my paths and currents and the many storms to arrive hear. To La Casita where I can breathe freely and feel safety within the surroundings of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
This is the place, space, and time to take my passion to the next levels and I am so excited to keep embarking on this wonderful journey called life. This is the space where the students have felt balanced and stable because the elements exist around them.