Where did the snow go?

th (2)It never really came, but it will:) , I hope.  I have to say I was dreading a bit of cold weather. I still am just a bit, but…..really enjoying it. In Puerto Rico, our windows are shutters, there are no screens at my Abuela Maria’s house and the chickens would come and go. I loved when the breeze would make the curtain’s flow and the openness of the house.  We don’t have heaters for sure in the house or ac. That is really a luxury. To connect with nature:)
Thus I haven’t added screens to the studio, love the windows open, and well the heater…..That is just new. Maybe not that big a deal to many. Big deal to me:) Huge!
It used to take so long to warm up the studio, but now…… In just a few minutes and it is ready for me to sit and be.
The space is open, the heater is keeping me warm and I get to observe all of Mother Nature around me and I just love this little space. So quaint, so real. I love the flaws that make it just perfect. I see so much with Winter eyes.
I see areas I want to touch up on, I see areas that just work and I see areas I don’t like. It is so refreshing.

There is something about turning inward. Turning inward is the place of knowledge.
I am hoping for snow soon, just so we can all be forced to turn inward more. So much fear within the cabin fever scene. But b/c we were not born with fur, I strongly think that Mother Nature has intended us to reconnect and re ground with her. What better way than with the silence of snow? It is so silent that when you walk on the snow covered ground you can hear just the most beautiful echo of your step. But only if you move mindfully enough.

Maybe for a moment. Face North. Re Ground. And then take one step towards Love.



It is all a process, Tiger.

12440532_10153867702482840_5451732944737484487_oHave you ever watched Winnie the Pooh?
I have a great friend , Andrea that encompassed all of Tiger and she gave me the gift of seeing what a Tiger I could be. I recently had a consult with Kristie of Earthschooling on which temperament I am. It turns out I am also Tiger, with a bit of Winnie the Pooh, and a dash of Rabbit. The consult helped me to  better understand the Sanguine / Phlegmatic personality. Working with different students, especially one on ones I think it is valuable to understand how others think, act, and their temperaments. Everyday I remind myself that each one of us has a different right. A different concept. A different route to go from one place to the other. But first I need to remember we are all stones from the same mountain. Then I need to learn their language. And the tough times where I cannot listen or am being stubborn, I have a couple of mantras I use.
The mantra for Tiger is- this too shall pass when overwhelmed.
The mantra for Winnie is – It’s all a process.
These are ones I have to tell myself all the time for my sanity:)

What is your mantra? How do you make the effort to get to know yourself and all the teacher/students around you? How do you put the peaces of life together? One stone at a time.

Anew beginning in the Death of Winter.


Death- a word we in our culture dread. Fear. Winter is all around us and death is ever present. How does it resonate within you? When Soleil passed I learned that is was the anticipation of her dying that killed me. But when she passed and her beautiful Spirit floated out of her body I found it to be literally breath taking. My love died, but was born anew with her passing. She is everywhere now. When we say enjoy the journey that is exactly that. Today a student shared that she recently lost a friend and a chord was struck with in her to remember her path. Her life. Death is difficult, but living is even harder. Everyday we have to face the world, what we like and what we don’t like. Everyday we have to practice living and dying, like the Sun. It rises and falls. Like the breath- it goes in and out. Like the cycle of life in the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall.
Oh hello Winter. Such a beautiful season you are. To remind me that though the leaves are no longer on your trees doesn’t mean it is the end. It is simply another beginning. Those roots so firmly planted in your rich Mother Earth are feeding and sleeping and growing and nourishing your bark, trunk, branches, and limbs.

I am feeding my soul this Winter with yummy love from my sweet Mother Earth. My sweet innocent child- Nahuel. From my firmly rooted R’dwd. And all the saplings and Elders around. I am looking towards this time of hibernation in our little cottage to get to know myself a little more. To stay on my path. To keep offering my truth to the world. Weather it makes sense or not. Oh weather whether???? I ambrace you!- Winter, my friend. My Amistad.

What we bring to the table.

In speaking with a student earlier I came upon a lovely conclusion. That I have chosen a career that takes people to their edge. Away from what they are mostly comfortable with. My student/teacher says she has a desire to communicate and connect more with others, but there is a underlying fear that she is unsure of. Technology as we know it brings us closer to things yet from a big distance. As a teacher and guide how do I comfortably take her to that edge? With communication being mainly based on technology we begin to lack the ability to truly connect with what life is all about. Our senses. How does me being on the computer make me more aware and awake if I am only using a few digits and vey little eye movement?
How can I hear the pain in someone’s voice by a text? I can only interpret what I think based solely on my thoughts and reactions to things, not theirs. Especially if they are content with choosing to be connectedly disconnected.

What does it mean to be alive to you today? To me?  The feel of the air against my cheek.
The smell of chickens in my yard.
The laughter of the final leaves on the tree.
A hug.
The touch of someone’s hand.
The connection of energy when I look at someone directly in their eyes and acknowledge them as a being.

We can’t do this if we live behind technology.

We can’t do this if we hide behind these silly screens and teach our children this is okay.

We can’t do this if we are becoming more absorbed in Ipads than our dinner date.

I am not big on posts b/c where is the truth behind the words. B/c texting and emails and fancy communications devices are left at just that. Words. I want to see and connect with my student teachers. Make them feel what living on he edge of ourselves is all about. Growing and constantly changing. Fearing nothing. Loving everything.

Embrace what we don’t like and learn from it. That is what yoga is about. B/C if you don’ t like the pose, you probably need it.
Wouldn’t you agree?Clare