And then what?….

PS. Don’t judge on my language as we all speak and express life differently. Sometimes I process in Spanish and my translations work for me.

One day I was teaching a class and we were moving at a healthy pace. What is a healthy pace? Not fast, not slow, but steady. Taking in the deep breaths, feeling the everything in everything of the  pose, including the mind. Yes the mind. And a student said “Hurry Up”. My question to her was “And then what?” If you know me. I am not shy when it comes to slowing down. She was fully aware that this was not a confrontation but a moment of awakening. I kept them in the poses still at the same pace. Why was I going to speed up things when yoga is all about slowing down to a pace where we can actually be in the moment and look deep with in to everything.  When what she needed was purely to take the time to get to know herself a little more.  When I saw her the following week, she said she never felt so much in her mindbody. Interesting? Move fast feel nothing. Move Slow Feel Everything.
Why does our culture rush so much? We all get savasana at some point. We are a culture full of rushing around and really at the end of the day we are depleted of life. Each day we move at full force, each day we cheat ourselves of life. At what age were you first asked what you want to be when you grow up? And how could we possibly know what we want to be if we just  arrived?

So, what is a healthy pace for you? How rushed are you to move through your day? I was speaking to a friend last night and I tell her don’t people just want to be happy. She said she thinks people want to not not be happy? So what fear holds you back? Do you take actions b/c you are afraid of the outcomes that you may not be able to completely control? Afraid of failing? Our culture frowns on failures. In yoga falling teaches us to learn thru practice. The students that I see do not close their eyes have such a fear of falling. Of failing. Too much focus on the external. Not enough focus on the internal.

I have a very close relative that is trying to make up for their life, b/c they chose to settle down and have  kids. There is this rush of fear. Marry, have kids, work, work, work retire, catch up. Hurt the mindbody (hmmmm….. interesting that even the speller wants the word mindbody  separated? ) with the rat race. Hurt the family  they chose b/c they have resentment. Hurt the world b/c they really had so much more to offer. And then what? They live in fear b/c their father passed around the age of 75. They live, move, act in fear b/c they  think they only have 10 years left to live. They are 65. And then what?

Too much focus on telling people what you think they want to hear. To much focus on not being authentic. Love yourself. Your laugh lines, your greying hair color, the change in your eyes. Love yourself by getting to know yourself. Can you practice Satya /Truthfullness and not cheat the world of getting to know you and all that you offer? Can you recognize that you are perfect, b/c there is no one like you in this world or ever will be? Can you recognize that you don’t have  problems, but you are just trying to get by with what you can? Can you show up for yourself the way you show up for work or the doctor’s office? Can you be?