Monday Monday:)

Sunday is still here, but let me tell you a little about Monday..
There is this really great opportunity for you to practice a little freestyle with myself and a few others every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday morning at 6:30am. Is it a little early? Yes, maybe a little. But everybody else is sleeping and you get to enjoy some time reflecting about what your life is all about and take active steps towards where you would like to be. But First and always first you get to see where you are at the moment. You get to live completely in the moment and we have such a lovely time watching the sun rise and breath in the freshness of all the beautiful Oak and Maple trees on the property. It really is just splendid. So, I am inviting you to join me, us. Tomorrow morning to explore and feel life. 6:30am is all worth it, just join us and see:)

Remember ~Release ~Restore Workshop w/ Claudia

Remember, Release, Restore w/ Claudia

A Sunday in Fall. A night to remember and honor the seasons of Winter, Spring, & Summer. To Release the experiences into the Winds of and Fall and to Restore your connection to the Earth that feeds your Soils. This workshop will incorporate a yoga practice situated among the nestled trees of y Respira Yoga Studio’s casita.
Sunday, Sept 25th, 2016
3-5 pm
Fee $30

108 Sun Salutations

autumn-equinox108 Sun Salutations & Potluck

Just in time to rejoice in the Sun’s glorious shift of energy as the leaves begin their descending energy to the Earth,  Y Respira is introducing this meditative flow of 108 Sun Salutations designed to feed your inner flame through the reverence and restoration of the sacred circle that acts as it’s hearth. Connecting and conducting your energy in this hands on, hearts in introduction to 108 Sun Salutations.
Saturday September 24th, 2016
Fee $20
Bring your towel & Mat and some grub to share:)



Happy Anniversary to Us! Going on 8 years!

malasanaIt is inevitable to experience obstacles in life. This year especially there has been one after another. Some smack you harder then others and the stings leaves quite a residue or how we say in yoga “impression”. But in the muck of it all, it can be a good thing. It puts that fire under my ass to move forward. What we call “tapas”. Passion. But I always try to keep it a healthy passion. This year has been such a year of my eyes getting dusty bc I am blinding myself or someone plain out throws the dirt in my face and then having to re wipe them with tears. Lots of tears. I have been walked over, taken advantage of, rejected, stolen from, lied to, and mistreated by many people and let me say, THIS has been all my life. Whether it was bc I was Puerto Rican, sassy, spirited, assertive, or not afraid to walk to the beat of my own drum. I am grateful to the people that were not nice to me. Because I AM Stronger and know myself more. But at the end, I am happy.I am going on 8 years teaching what I like to call “Preservation of the Self”. Of the Spirit. And it has been quite a journey and wow so much self work. Happy anniversary to me! To us!  I have crosses paths with some amazing people also. People like Sarah my first boss that gave me soon many opportunities at the Hillsborough YMCA. People like my first landlord, Julie that gave me an incredible opportunity and has since stayed by my side like a sister. Who reminded me that I can do it and I am doing. Thank you Julie. This has opened so much for me. My mom, for always standing by my side. And most of all my student/ teachers that I am learning from every day!
I have chosen a life where I am always meeting, teaching or learning with others that are not afraid to share their own struggles. Our day to day struggles. I am honored to see others cry and allow me to cry with them. Because I am an empath that knows it is good to cry together. To laugh together. But also to struggle together.
You make Raleigh NC Yoga, aka y Respira Yoga Studio here in a little part of Raleigh. You make it worth every second. Because I absolutely love what I do and with that, I thank you for every time you allow me to guide you at our home studio.

Self Preservation


Yoga Alliance will not allow us to use the terms “therapy” or “healing”, so I have come up with the terminology I teach “Self Preservation”. Bc maybe yoga really isn’t “therapy” or “healing”. I feel it does more. It teaches us to Preserve Ourselves. OuR Truest form of Self. “Therapy” or “healing” can say we are broken and we need to heal. But really we are all just doing our best, with what we have and what we are given. With our daily struggles that can fall easily into just “living”. Every day we practice living. Sometime Mother Nature is sad and she cries, and sometimes she feels bright and Sunny, but she is always true to us. 

I love the fact that we don’t or “can’t” title it therapy or healing, bc I would much rather view it as I am “Preserving” my “Authentic Self” using yoga poses and the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras. But I also love to incorporate many of the philosophies of Native American’s view of Mother Nature. And as yoga says – If you want to be a tree in tree pose, then you must understand it. And this is where my teaching will take it one step further. I will teach you about the trees and their roots. About the leaves and the air you breathe. I will teach you the Moon and the Sun and the truth of Hatha Yoga. Ha Meaning Sun, Tha meaning of the moon. The energy of the Sun. I will teach you about you and what makes you just so “Authentic” and well “You”.
Don’t cheat us from seeing all you have to offer. Because you are a remarkable “Present” to the World.