At Times.

viejoAt Times I feel Alone.
Be Side Myself.
Sometimes I attach to emotions and allow them to consume me.
Sometimes I am able to recognize that I am not my thoughts.

At Times I AM.
Here. Now. Present.

At Times I Embrace what I like.
What I don’t like.
What I fear.
And I learn that I thrive on growing.

And I surrender.
To my light within.
And find The Great Spirit of Life and allow the Winds of Being to Embrace me with What Is.

At Times.


Yoga for All.

Yoga for Golfers.
Yoga for Equestrians.
Yoga for Runners.
Yoga for Cyclist.
Yoga for Exercise.
Yoga for Meditation.
Yoga for Stress.
Yoga for Weightloss.
Yoga for Anxiety.
Yoga for Depression.
Yoga for Fibromyalgia.
Yoga for PTSD.
Yoga for Corporates.

Imagine if the world did yoga. Real Yoga. Authentic Yoga. You and your breathing. Where you can reconnect to what resonated right within you. How amazing would that be?

We will guide you. Yoga for Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced. Raleigh NC Yoga, LLC is an accredited Yoga School thru Yoga Alliance since 2008 focusing on the individual needs of what you are working on today and willing to let go for the next moment.


IMG_20170119_210505_190Interesting how I always have the right people or animals in my life.
At the right time.
Not always what I think and sometimes they are here just to shift my perspective.
Hard at times. But good:)
Even Dublin chewing everything to tell me to clean up when I don’t want to is good I guess lol

Can you feel me?

16112864_10154950768567840_4084992728052839292_oI was so excited to visit Dottie Orenda yesterday and for a friend to meet her. All week I have been able to place the lead around her so she would know my intention of placing the harness on her. All was good, but I had a limited amount of time. I tried not to rush, but you see as soon as Orenda is done feeding she wants to be in with Dudley her pasture mate. Well I couldn’t “catch” her. I don’t like that word, it doesn’t resonate for me. So maybe first I need to find another word. Orenda bumps into the fence bc the obvious that she has not eyes. She shakes her head, and moves on. But I think between the limited time I had and the fact that I love people meeting her. I think my reaction to her bumping was a little more sensitive. She bumped into the scratching post, shook her head, walked a little bumped into the fence, shook, and bumped yet again the the scratching post. It was way more than normal and then Jules came out.
She said to me exactly what Jim at Bar T says “You need to regather and shift your energy”. At least that is what I heard.
And she nailed it on the head!

Once a student asked, why does my 6 year old no sit still? I said ” Do you?” And that was it. He only saw her rushing around,no stillness.
And so she too needed to slow down, enough that her whirlwind energy would not throw him off balance.

Orenda felt everything. My energy. My limited time. My constant reaction to her bumping her head. I was extra sensitive and in the process I hurt her. By not grounding myself. By unconsciously rushing. It was such an waking moment for me. I like to pace my self, but I must move slower. I have Orenda for more than one reason, but really to love her and give her a safe space. That is what I intend to do.

Today, I will gather my energy, place it on the wind, and watch it float away. And if there is no wind? There I will bury it in Mother Earth. She needs my security and to know she can trust me.
One step, breathe, another, breathe.


sunriseIf we took away science and stripped ourselves of technology, would be able to reconnect?
If we took away science, would we be able to better understand?
Would we be able to see what is, and not what we want?
The animals follow their intuition. How do the chickens know to rest on a perch, when they were born thru incubation?
Science didn’t tell them.They were born knowing.

As are we. But we forget way to often, what it truly means to live.
I confess that I see the computer way more than I need. And I notice when I sit in front of it I don’t breathe the same as when I  am not siting in front of it. And then I lose what it means to be a live.

Rest well.