The Mind

eagle dottieThe mind stimulates more than the mirror. Surround yourself with intellect and wash all the ego’s away.

Turn your practice in. in. inward…..
Close them eyes, yet be grateful you have them. Sweet Dottie Orenda lost hers 4 years ago, but is so in tune with life and the constant flow of energy around her.

And yes, mine throws her off, b/c some times I am just off and need to be fine tuned. But, we will keep on keeping on:) And I will move with love. Love for her, myself, my child, mi familia.
Staying ever present to the moments that create life.

And you have the opportunity to join us. We are currently accepting sessions where you feel the energy shift, with your breathing, yoga postures or yoga asanas, and a deep connection with Dottie Orenda, and a deeper connection to your Authentic Self.
Contact Claudia aka Windhorse to schedule your time. 919-633-8999