Claudia Chambers

Slower Moving….

th (2)All day we zip and zing thru the world. But once you arrive to Raleigh NC Yoga’s Enchanted cottage, you move slower. You feel more. You breath deeper. The trees fill your lungs b/c they hold hands all around, above, and under the studio. And guess what??? You feed them. It is a beautiful and slowful dance full of life. We focus on quality instead of quantity. The classes are small and intimate for the precise modifications that you need. Your attire is comfortable and your thoughts flow into the stream of the wind that carries through the studio when the windows are open. Whisper our Rooster sings to us in the morning and lets us know right when it is time for Svasana. It is about being in your element. Element’s of Yoga classes embrace all of the elements of Mother Nature because you are practicing by her side in this tranquil setting. Wind Down and Earth Practice is tonight. This is where you go to get right what you need after this long weekend. Come and Breathe with each other, with the trees, and with Winter which is right around the corner as you watch the leaves falling from the grace of the Standing People.
Every Monday and Wednesday night a restorative and relaxing yoga practice. Click here to rsvp.

Free Style it, bc you really know what to do

malasanaSo What is Freestyle?
Free style is simply being in the present. It is moving with intention. Sinking into your breath and giving your breath to move you. Everyday we have to think and then we overthink. We overthink why we should do things this way instead of that way. We overthink if we should make more of an effort than yesterday or tomorrow even. With Free Style, Claudia does her practice side by side with her students. She shares what she is doing and if you want to do the same you can, but if you see your neighbor moving into a pose you are interested in doing then then do it. You breath into your yoga. You move into your yoga, you live your yoga. No fears, questions always encouraged. Even conversations. We sometimes talk in class. Why you ask? B/c when we don’t share or connect to what is happening let alone acknowledge our lives, then we hoard onto it all. We hoard on to the stress, on to the depression, anger, frustration, disease. Where do you hoard it? Well it depends, your tight jaw that you clench not just at night, but during the day. Maybe your hips, which explains if they are tight. Lower back issues when we feel like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Lots of places. But most of all…. we hoard onto it in our minds. Not b/c we what to, but b/c this is how we are trained. Don’t share, stuff it in, and hope it doesn’t resurface 3 years later. Yoga is very simple. So simple at times that it seems hard. But anybody can do it. You can do it! Because giving yourself the time to live is worth it and well at the end of the day so are you!
Claudia creates a safe space at her sacred studio y Respira where you can feel free to breathe and live and be simply you. She will practice by your side, answer an questions, share her struggles, laugh and even cry with you. Deep down beneath the surface she understands that sometimes the roots struggle to hold their big strong trees up.
FreeStyle happens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30am and Tuesdays at 6pm. Give it a try and feel for yourself.


Durant Image 2Join us this evening for a relaxing release of Monday tension. 6pm every Monday and Wednesday is a winding down class for all levels. Stress is dis-ease of mindbody. An excellent class for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, TMJ…..
The classes are small. The location, quaint.
No frill, No show. Where pajama pants or something comfortable and bring your authentic beautiful self. We cater to the your needs and look at any injuries you have to give you the proper modifications. The challenge for a newbie to not compare yourself to others, we will guide you. The challenge for an experience yoga practitioner is the desire to want to do more complicated poses. We bring it back to the simple. So simple that you get to relearn who you are and see yourself in your truest light. We look forward to guiding you in your journey of Self Preservation. Click here to rsvp.

Why Yoga and Horses?

Yoga is meant to connect mind body using breath work. The poses allow us to release stuff we have physically hoarded into our bodies. They allow us to let go of emotional baggage also. So for example, when we say “don’t worry about it, I am over it” and then it resurfaces 3 years later, then we have not let it go, then somewhere we have stored it in our bodies. Our neck and shoulders, our jaw if we grind our teeth, or hips…. In order to connect with the horses we have to first connect with ourself and that is what yoga allows us to do that. The horses allow us to take it one step further. They don’t judge, they simply reflect what we are feeling. If we are anxious, they will let us know. We need to be grounded and calm when working side by side these majestic beings. So we will begin with yoga, breath work and poses, where I will show you how to cope with everyday stresses and how to read your mindbody. We will then connect with the selected horses and understand them and what they bring up for us. It is quite an experience. It is not about getting on a horse and riding it is about the connection within the stillness. I will look at injuries and modify the classes according to each student without one another knowing. Some people suffer from depression or anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure or have had physical injuries such as mine. I have a neck injury that happened back in 96. I want to reintroduce horse lovers to themselves and guide each one in sacred manner of connection, living, and learning:) I do hope you will attend. Please do not hesitate to ask any others or feel free to call me:) I can also provide references if you would like.
Learn more about our upcoming Windhorse Retreats here.

We are always growing in Summer

We are always growing in Summer and now that August 1st has past it is now time to harvest.
I am gathetomtaoesring all my energies and directing myself with even greater intentions. Life happened in Spring that helped me grow in Summer and now I take my hard work and devour my very essence of life. When I contemplate on my pickings I so graciously see how I would like my next years harvest to look like.
I have a student that has about an acre garden and her garden yields the most beautiful tomatoes. Why you ask. Love, kindness, authenticity. She moves with care and gives with care, without asking for in return. She does what feels right for her. She does not attach to her tomatoes, she gives from her heart, feels with her heart, lives with her heart. She began practicing with me around 7 years ago and when she stepped in to class I told her maybe look at mats, she said she was just gonna try it. 7 years later she is on her 2nd mat. So easily she could have stepped away. But she chose to step towards. Sitting tall with her legs crossed was really difficult for her. She is working on crane. She loves hero. She calls her yoga garden yoga. She says she feels better than she did before.
With skincare I always say it takes about 18 weeks. 6 Weeks out with the old, 6 weeks in with the New, and 6 weeks for fine tuning.
Kind of like a little more than a season.
So I say. Time to fine tune and plant new seeds. Thank you Susan for guiding me in guiding you.