Volcano/ Volatile Energy

Today I led a grounding and chakra opening practice for a friend. It was just what the universe prescribed. I took her outside to practice her Earth Connection with the Infinite and told her she needed to communicate more. Then did lion’s breath away from her telling her she needed to release. Then I had her choose a card and she chose Volcano. Then I proceeded to read to her about the Volcano Kilauea. Which Ironically has erupted today. We didn’t know that until I saw it before she left. The universe knows. It is all lined up. Magic is everywhere!!!

Have you ever appreciated someone for their behavior?

Have you ever appreciated someone for their behavior?

Tonight a girl in massage training lashed out at me bc she didn’t like my questions. She later called me annoying for asking questions and said I was just a horse massage therapist. lol I can’t believe I am also a horse massage therapist. lol How awesome is that!
My questions are my questions. I learn differently. Active listening is a common technique used for people that speak another language. Speaking out loud by rewording comments and asking questions is important in a school setting.

I was more shocked than hurt. I closed my chakras quickly as I haven’t been spoken “at” like that since the bullies in high school.

I felt bad bc I am not good with names, but c’est la vie. I will always remember their story and energies. I later told her I appreciated her honesty. Her lashing out was her truth. Truth is good, but truth without kindness is led only by the ego. Ego vs Intellect. Which wolf do you feed?

Oh, and never stop asking questions, this is your life. You deserve to know the answer to your questions. And now I will sleep better at night. #satya #thereareteacherseverywhere #truth #yogaoffthemat #raleighncyoga #yrespira #chakras #heartopeners #eyeopeners #surrendertoyourtruth #truthwithkindness #bluemoon #canyoufeelthetidesturning 

The Other Side

Today has been a bit rough. I feel as if I finally have had a true opportunity to release Dottie Orenda. And this past week I have begun the process of really releasing Cisco Terruño. I think I have just been in shock. Grief is hard. It took a while for Cisco’s necropsy to show inconclusive. One of the main things I teach is Pratyahara which is dispassionate non attachment. That is seriously some hard stuff. And Winter is here so the reflections keep coming. And I have Facebook to always show me all of these memories. And the easy attachments to memories.

So I am a little bitter these days and have been sad for quite some time. I have attached myself to the suffering of losing these magical creatures that I never even thought I would ever think of having. And the high of having them in my life has now reached a low. Pratyahara gives me the opportunity of moderation. Moderation leads to contentment. Not elated. Not de-pressed. Just all good. Every day is different. Some days better than others. With each of their passing I bled. My womb released something that has allowed me to go back and face more fears. But dear friend Winter is keeping me much company. Waking up has been trickier since Soleil is also still taking her time to wake. The coziness of the fires have been much comfort also. Keeping my soul warm. And the bit of snow we had brought more silence and stillness into my heart.

I find it so tricky as a yoga practitioner to teach non attachment when I do know we are all connected like the roots of the trees. The beautiful thing is the gifts they gave me. Dottie Orenda, my Orenda. Cisco Terruño, the soil under my feet. Connections to my roots and to my higher self that as a child I vowed never to forget. This non attachment is really the realization that we are all attached bc we are all really one. Good wolves and bad wolves still make the wolf.

And last night was my first class of massage school. Touch. Something that this computer can for sure not give you back. Touching and connecting. A part of my Orenda is to do massage and taking this training will allow my roots to be planted even deeper into the Earth. Bc for sure I can’t get another horse or entertain the idea.

So this is a hard but good time for me. I am appreciating my lows so I can just bring my spirit back into balance.
Thank good ness for Winter.

A smile based on perspective.

So if you wanna see a genuine smile of enjoyment on a loved ones’ face, be it your mom, dad, husband, wife, daughter, son, etc. do something with them they enjoy doing. Take them somewhere they like. It may not be where you like. Happiness is all perspective. A beautiful lesson for the day. And sometimes you end up with a small smile on your own face by watching their enjoyment. This can be hard at times, but when we separate ourselves from what we want and what others may need, it may just change our perspective.  I am not a Disney World kinda girl, but Victoria is and there are moments in her life that just her smile makes mine.

One Proud Mother here.

One Proud Mama here.

On November 18th, we attended the Native American Event at the Museum of history celebrating Native American Indian month here in Raleigh. Victoria had worked hard offering pedicures  to students of the studio in hopes to raise money for a good cause. I have no idea why pedicures, bc we don’t get them often, but paint here at home lol:) She chose Native American Indians to be the cause. Yup, proud mama here. This began sometime between owning Dottie Orenda & Cisco Terruño. She raised $12.50. Well the day finally arrived and she placed her monies in an envelope and asked her daddy R’wd how to write “For Cherokee”.

She ran upstairs and was so proud to show me. My heart melted, not too long ago I read her the Trail of Tears, I couldn’t hold back my tears and if you read it, you wouldn’t be able to either.

We arrived at the event and searched for a Cherokee Native. And quickly we found John StandingDeer, also known as bullet. He told us he was from the Easterband of Cherokee and there were others in Oklahoma. I mentioned we read the Trail of Tears and he seemed a little taken back, maybe that is not the word, but I don’t think he expected her to know about it being only 5. And when she handed him the envelope and we told him we were very sorry for what has and continue happening, he seemed moved.

My history.

I moved to North Carolina bc the movie Last of Mohicans was filmed here. Though the Mohicans come from the North. I saw it in 9th grade and felt home and fell in love. As a child the spirit of the Native’s has resonated within me. My father taught me the love of Mother Earth and it’s many beautiful creatures. My Abuela Maria sang to all animals. The ants, the pigeons, the chickens. My Godfather was taught me about Green Peace. But the truth of the Native American’s runs in my spirit. And I vow to pass that to my creation that chose me. Victoria Nahuel. My little “Jaguar” that walks with the Shaman.

This day has meant the world to me. Maybe silly to some, but doesn’t bother me and the truth resides in me. John StandinDeer aka the Bullet, proceeded to educate her a bit about how his people still hunt in the forest. But time was short and the introductions were to begin, so when he looked up he realized that his tribe had headed out. So he had to go. We followed outside and the many tribes began toward their way thru the crowd. We stood to video and capture more pics. And there they arrived. He noticed her, but I don’t know if it processed at that moment, and then……. Soleil kissed his face and he turned to my sweet child and smiled.

Just writing this brings me to tears. I am grateful for this introduction and will pursue more knowledge and more connections. To learn from the Native Americans of this land is a dream that I will continue to pursue and teach to Victoria. Satya. #Truth.

For more pictures of this wonderful event click here

~Maktub (it is written)

Windhorse aka Claudia