Volcano/ Volatile Energy

Today I led a grounding and chakra opening practice for a friend. It was just what the universe prescribed. I took her outside to practice her Earth Connection with the Infinite and told her she needed to communicate more. Then did lion’s breath away from her telling her she needed to release. Then I had her choose a card and she chose Volcano. Then I proceeded to read to her about the Volcano Kilauea. Which Ironically has erupted today. We didn’t know that until I saw it before she left. The universe knows. It is all lined up. Magic is everywhere!!!

Welcome Sophia, our Ceremonialist & Reiki Master

Sophia Khotil

Ceremonialist and Reiki Healer

Sophia grew up in sunny Southern California, frequenting the beaches and hiking in the golden hills before making the big move to North Carolina, where she calls Durham her home now with her husband of 15 years and three young children. Her hobbies involve working with ceramics, in which the shaping of clay with one’s own hands is profoundly grounding, concocting new soap recipes, cooking,hiking, and road trips. Having an affinity with the natural world and its healing benefits and mysteries, Sophia pursued her master training in energy work in Costa Mesa under the tutelage of Ariel Hubbard and ceremonial work with The Fellowship of the Illumination. She then taught Reiki levels one and two and has attuned many students into the modality. She then went on to receive her license in massage and bodywork. Most of her life has been immersed in sacred rituals from intimate gatherings to large, collaborative ones, holding sacred space for those that need it. From tea ceremonies to women’s circles, Sophia enjoys sharing her constantly evolving path with others.

Jan 2018 Newsletter

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Yoga Etiquette

1 ~ Be Punctual to Every Class (gate opens 15 min prior to class)

2 ~ Enter and Settle down Quietly

3 ~ Minimize Conversation

4 ~ Turn off your Electronics

5 ~ Wear Decent Yoga Clothing

6 ~ Remove Shoes Outside

7 ~ Go Easy on Perfume and Cologne

8 ~ Mind your Personal Hygiene

9 ~ Bring well-behaved Children only

10 ~ Respect the Teacher & Fellow Students

11 ~ Observe silence during Savasana

13 ~ Clean your Immediate Area & Mats

14 ~ Sign in or Pay without a Reminder

15 ~ No GUM or CANDY: A severe choking hazard

16 ~ Leave Your Belongings in the Change Room

17 ~ Roll out your mat QUIETLY

18 ~ Stay Hydrated

19 ~ Do not eat right before class

20 ~ Wear a smile – Mandatory.



What’s happening Autumn!!!!