Volcano/ Volatile Energy

Today I led a grounding and chakra opening practice for a friend. It was just what the universe prescribed. I took her outside to practice her Earth Connection with the Infinite and told her she needed to communicate more. Then did lion’s breath away from her telling her she needed to release. Then I had her choose a card and she chose Volcano. Then I proceeded to read to her about the Volcano Kilauea. Which Ironically has erupted today. We didn’t know that until I saw it before she left. The universe knows. It is all lined up. Magic is everywhere!!!

Tribucha Arrival

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Sports Injuries and the Healing Power of Yoga

Written by Guest Blogger:
Jason Lewis

Sports Injuries and the Healing Power of Yoga 

Sports injuries are far more common than you think – from 2011 to 2014, a reported 8.6 million people ages five and up sustained a sports-related injury. We all know that rest and ice are the most common remedies for an injury, but gentle stretching is recommended for even the most common sports injuries such as shin splints, pulled muscles, and pain/soreness. Stretching is the number one way to prevent injuries in the first place too, so why not start incorporating a little bit of yoga in your life as a healing method and preventative measure? 

Natural Pain Relief/Healing 

Whenever we feel an ache or a pain, the first inclination is to reach for a painkiller so that we can continue on with our day. For athletes, painkillers can quickly become a part of the routine to promote performance and recovery, with 60 percent of amateur athletes reporting the frequent use of painkillers. Oftentimes athletes adopt the mindset that they need to play through the pain, but there are consequences. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of addiction and drug abuse in even the most seasoned athletes. However, yoga is a natural method athletes can take part in to relieve pain and promote healing naturally. 

When practiced regularly, yoga can increase recovery time after strenuous workouts and practices, increase range of motion, stretch sore muscles, and increase your concentration. Stretching is like breathing to an athlete, but according to Active.com, “Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all ranges of motion–activating the little-used muscles that support the primary movers.” By combining yoga with physical therapy, athletes can not only heal their injury, but their mind. A sports injury can be seen as a setback or obstacle, taking a toll on mental well-being – not to mention it is extremely frustrating. Yoga can enhance mindfulness, helping you to channel the anger and frustration you feel into motivation and self-improvement. 


Find the Right Method 

All yoga isn’t created equal, and an Internet search can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed by all the yoga-related information. There are various types of yoga such as Restorative that focuses on relaxation, breathing-focused, fast-paced Vinyasa, and Hatha, which involves standing and seated poses and is great for beginners. It is best to keep in mind that some forms of yoga are a workout in themselves, and can be strenuous, so when you are deciding which type of yoga to try, consider whether your goal is to strengthen or recover. For example, Vinyasa could be used for cross-training to improve core strength and overall movement that a typical, repetitive training workout doesn’t address. However, if your training schedule is already packed with lots of high intensity workouts, Restorative yoga can help quiet your mind and central nervous system. 


When you first begin practicing yoga, you might find it helpful to take a few classes with an instructor first to prevent further injury. Some yoga poses are more difficult than others, so the most beneficial yoga session will be one that is in line with your skill level. The goal is to be challenged, but not so much that you risk further injury or being put off by yoga all together. It will take time and a little experimentation to the find the right class and instructor. Start by telling the instructor what you seek to get from your yoga session, and he or she will be able to point you in the right direction. 

Yoga is a wonderful way to promote healing after a sports injury, as well as relax your mind. Once you learn the proper way to practice it, you can start incorporating some yoga poses into your daily stretching for improved performance and state of mind. 


The Other Side

Today has been a bit rough. I feel as if I finally have had a true opportunity to release Dottie Orenda. And this past week I have begun the process of really releasing Cisco Terruño. I think I have just been in shock. Grief is hard. It took a while for Cisco’s necropsy to show inconclusive. One of the main things I teach is Pratyahara which is dispassionate non attachment. That is seriously some hard stuff. And Winter is here so the reflections keep coming. And I have Facebook to always show me all of these memories. And the easy attachments to memories.

So I am a little bitter these days and have been sad for quite some time. I have attached myself to the suffering of losing these magical creatures that I never even thought I would ever think of having. And the high of having them in my life has now reached a low. Pratyahara gives me the opportunity of moderation. Moderation leads to contentment. Not elated. Not de-pressed. Just all good. Every day is different. Some days better than others. With each of their passing I bled. My womb released something that has allowed me to go back and face more fears. But dear friend Winter is keeping me much company. Waking up has been trickier since Soleil is also still taking her time to wake. The coziness of the fires have been much comfort also. Keeping my soul warm. And the bit of snow we had brought more silence and stillness into my heart.

I find it so tricky as a yoga practitioner to teach non attachment when I do know we are all connected like the roots of the trees. The beautiful thing is the gifts they gave me. Dottie Orenda, my Orenda. Cisco Terruño, the soil under my feet. Connections to my roots and to my higher self that as a child I vowed never to forget. This non attachment is really the realization that we are all attached bc we are all really one. Good wolves and bad wolves still make the wolf.

And last night was my first class of massage school. Touch. Something that this computer can for sure not give you back. Touching and connecting. A part of my Orenda is to do massage and taking this training will allow my roots to be planted even deeper into the Earth. Bc for sure I can’t get another horse or entertain the idea.

So this is a hard but good time for me. I am appreciating my lows so I can just bring my spirit back into balance.
Thank good ness for Winter.

A smile based on perspective.

So if you wanna see a genuine smile of enjoyment on a loved ones’ face, be it your mom, dad, husband, wife, daughter, son, etc. do something with them they enjoy doing. Take them somewhere they like. It may not be where you like. Happiness is all perspective. A beautiful lesson for the day. And sometimes you end up with a small smile on your own face by watching their enjoyment. This can be hard at times, but when we separate ourselves from what we want and what others may need, it may just change our perspective.  I am not a Disney World kinda girl, but Victoria is and there are moments in her life that just her smile makes mine.