Yoga Retreat

National Arthritis Month

 How beautiful are the lungs that give you life. To think that your lungs not only allow you to keep living but filter out toxins, they help move circulation through your body. They let you be here in the now. What do you think arthritis has to do with your lungs? Based on working with students with arthritis, students find that by breathing and channeling the breath through the body. The Arthritis that gets trapped in their joint softens and flushes out of their system. That aching, hardness in the joints restricts their mobility but with the help of our synovial fluid along with their circulation the rivers of life open and they are able to move more freely. I find something as simple as drinking a certain coffee that my joints become inflamed and then I think, what if I kept drinking this coffee? For me, it gets worse. So I learn quickly on what to back away from, if not then I am consciously choosing to hurt myself ;/ and the practice of Ahimsa / Non violence goes right our the window. Everyday I must practice living, staying awake, and honoring my sacred temple of mindbody. What foods aggravates your arthritis? What can you back away from so that it doesn’t get worse?

Dispassionate Non-Attachment

Wow. That some seriously hard work. Every day!!!! Every day!!! I have to practice this non- attachment thing. From who I speak with and who’s energy is trying to influence me, to the stuff I put on myself. I have to practice for my sanity and clear mind. What does detachment mean to you? I would love to read. To me… it is acknowledging everything and trying to not let things consume me. I met with a student and she said “She wants a clear mind, but everybody in her circle drinks and takes prescription drugs in order to cope, she wants to feel alive but not attach herself to the drama of others, to follow what is right for her”. But she was scared, bc most of her life she attached herself to this lifestyle and the habit was a hard one to break. The attachments to her culture and peers made it hard. But it ultimately is her decision….. Stay attached or Allow that attachment to own her….

Did you Know about your TFL?

Tensor Facia Lata

TFL- Tensor Facia Lata – A muscle that you use to rotate your leg is usually overworked and overstressed everyday. So many times students come to class and talk about lower back pain and one of the first things I look at is the direction they point their toes. As soon as I see them point their toes outward, I know they have imbalance in some muscles. We are meant to walk with our toes forward but by walking with our toes or feet to be correct turned out, they are using the TFL to walk instead of the PSOAS. Two completely different set of muscles. If they use the TFL, they are also overusing the Gluteus Medius and then their will always be issues with the lower back.  So take a moment- take a walk, look down and see which direction your feet are pointing. Towards one another? Away from one another? oR Straight forward? Remember the Psoas is meant to flex the hip and to help pick up your legs.

Gluteus Min and Medius


Go to what scares you.

This is so spot on. Cisco Terruño arrives Sunday and I am getting more excited each moment. I am facing one of my greatest fears and loving each moment. It is hard work, but I guess I know how to appreciate that hard work. Such great support with Allison and of course Cisco’s Mama who has just loved and loved her boy. Dottie Orenda passed on March 4th and I barely had a chance to own a horse. I am looking forward to this journey and what will come next. Transitions are always such a turning point in my life. Do you find they are in yours?

Forgive- do I forgive or you?

Such a big word.Don’t you think? I am not teaching Victoria to say I am sorry all the time. I wanna know what she is willing to do in exchange for what she has done to hurt another. I am teaching her acknowledgement. I don’t want her to simply say “I am sorry” and that is that and then repeat the behavior. My spiritual minister, Amy Pierce says Forgive is “What will you ‘give for’. It is not my place to forgive anybody’s actions. That is that high and mighty ego or what I tell Victoria “the Bad Wolf” running the show. On a personal level I do my best to set this example to her. I can look try to look at the underlying reason of someone hurting me or me hurting them and see what I can learn from that. I am not gonna wave a magic wand and say “I forgive you or I accept you hurt me or I am sorry”. I am gonna wanna know what I or they can do better to make this situation better.
Sorry and Forgive. Such big words that people throw around way to easily thinking that it will always make things better. Or that it will justify actions or feelings of entitlement. And sometimes wanna hear it over and over and over and…….If you know me, then you know these words are not words I use often, bc the actions I take and the words I speak usually mean something to me. So I can assure you that if I do say them I mean them.  So let’s leave it here….
Can you forgive yourself? Apologize to yourself first? Because it all comes back to our Authentic Selves and how we allow the world to influence, define, or move us closer or away from one another.