We are not broken- Ernest

Ernest, I am gonna need to disagree. We are not broken. We don’t need fixing. We don’t have problems. We sometimes just allow our problems to become us, by attaching ourselves to the problem, diminishing our light within. We are the light, we radiate light. We are right the way we are. Right where we need to be. Trust the truth of what is and not what we want.

What is Yoga according to Claudia?

We all share this planet called Earth, and whether we live in Raleigh, NC or Bombay, India, who among us is truly at peace in this world? Who among us does not wish to be? True contentment is a rare state of being that we all aspire to whether we realize it or not.

All of us desire freedom from the many negative influences that surround us; physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties can combine to overwhelm any of us, and many individuals here in Raleigh depend on the truly extraordinary benefits of yoga to enhance their physical health while lessening or eliminating the negative energies that detract from the quality of their life.

Yoga offers a stronger and more flexible body that is in balance with itself— a body that is pain free.

Yoga provides a clear pathway to the inner mind where the secret to true contentment resides.

Yoga promotes a spiritual awareness and joy for those who invite this extraordinary discipline into their life.

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word yoga means union, which refers to the joining of the body, mind, and soul. This comprehensive, three- pronged approach to self-improvement offers a tried and true way to enhance physical health, achieve clarity and contentment of the mind, and experience true spiritual joy. Yoga offers exceptional benefits for those who embrace the ancient practice, and there are many devotees here in Raleigh who say that yoga has been an extraordinarily uplifting force in their life. Perhaps no other discipline pursued to enrich our existence can offer all that is attained through the learning of the timeless art of yoga.

For some Yoga may be considered a philosophy, a practice, a work out, a way of life or just yoga. We are born into this world with an inhale and we leave with an exhale. Life is a cycle. Everything comes to us in cycles. With yoga, one is able to enjoy these cycles of life with the use of breath, also known as Prana. Pranayama is the art of practicing your breath to control the obstacles created by your actions in this beautiful world.

Yoga helps your mental, physical, and spiritual being.

janineYoga gives your mind a constant clarity by nourishing your physical being with the fresh flow of oxygen throughout your veins, organs, muscles, and mind. As you inhale your body takes in pure oxygen. On your exhale your body releases toxins and everything negative. This oxygen is carried throughout your body and mind which helps to purify all of your senses. You start to taste, feel, and smell things differently, hear and see more clearly.

Your body becomes alive.
You begin to feel more peaceful within yourself.

More than anything you will begin to notice the way you view life and the way life views you seems different. Better.


Thai Yoga Reiki Stretchy Sessions

So yesterday I posted a video talking a bit about the Thai Yoga Reiki Stretching Sessions I offer and wanted to do a quick followup post on just how good it is. Sometimes I find it better than a massage bc when I get massaged at times they press so hard I tighten up and end up holding my breath at times. When I do Thai, yes there are some good pressure points that awaken STUFF you have stored in pockets of your body and that hurts really good. We say “HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY”. But when we find those area we move into them mindfully by me asking you specific questions and reinforcing the Art of Breathing. I help traction areas that feel compressed and open up the rivers in your body. We breathe together and then those jammed up areas release not just a current of life, it begins to release obstacles in our minds. The key though is the breathing, the connection of you, me, and the universe. Once those areas have opened I do some good Reiki and send some positive reinforcement energy from the Great Universe. Everybody feels something different each time. Each sessions varied each time based on what you are going thru emotionally, physically, mentally. It is a very different experience, a rich one, where you immerse yourself in your being. Come see for yourself. I am offering an introductory offer of $65 for your first session. The session lasts 1 hour and the only thing I ask is that you arrive hydrated and hydrate afterwards:) If you are interested in setting up a session, call or text to 919-633-8999:) I am looking forward to seeing you Soon!


A twist is more than just a twist. 6pm Every Sun- Fridays we twist. Not just to twist but to flush it all out. You know the toxins that crud up in your small and large intestines. You can’t breathe in with out releasing out. Did you know that toxins are not best removed by your skin like some peeps believe, but actually thru your exhales and the rest by pooeing and peeeing. They say 80% of toxins are released thru your exhales and maybe 1% from your skin. So twist your body. Clear the space. Wring out your organs and cleanse your spirit. Exhale and make it a good exhale. Not a superficial survival breathe and really good Haaaaaaa………. It’s not always about how much you sweat as your sweat regulates your body temp, it doesn’t remove your toxins as you may think. De-stressing doesn’t need to be hard it needs to be conscience.

Step into the river

I sold my spirit to the river. It was cold. The river warmed me. It lured me in so that I may cleanse the coldness in my heart. The hurt from the world as I face it everyday with hopes that one day human kind will actually live on the right side of being kind. I stepped away for the eerie technology I write on so that I can reconnect a bit more. There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful then immersing in the spirit of Mother Nature. Her forest cures all. He water cleanses everything, like it or not. Step into the river.
9 am Every Saturday a refreshing way to awaken.