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Our class offerings are described below with levels noted if needed.

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Gentle Yoga w/Claudia

Step away from the hectic world and dedicate some time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Give yourself permission to stop struggling, instead allowing for self-care by surrendering in a calm and gentle yoga practice. We move at a slower pace and explore restorative-style poses that help to release stress and tension from the body.

Earth Grounding w/ Claudia

Wrap up the weekend with this restorative yoga practice that focuses on self-love to prepare you for the week ahead. Let the trees surrounding the studio inspire you to plant your roots, embrace the soil, and feel grounded—and don’t forget, even the trees sway! Through a combination of yoga poses and Ujjayi breathing, you will use your connection to the earth to move energy throughout your body. This class will help you maintain inner peace even in the midst of chaos.

Unwind the Mind

Whether Friday night represents your transition from work to play or is just another night in your busy week, this class provides you with an opportunity to pause and connect with your authentic self, teaching you how to shift from go to slow. Brandy incorporates both active and restorative movements so you can learn how to be in your body in a way that brings stillness to your mind.

Sunrise Hatha/ Vinyasa w/Claudia

Start your day off right with a delightful morning yoga practice that will leave you feeling awakened and inspired. With a bit of vinyasa yoga to synchronize breath and movement and a bit of hatha yoga to find balance, this gentle yet invigorating class will move your body and open your eyes. You’ll walk away ready to meet the day with a greater sense of clarity.

Hatha Yoga w/Claudia

This class offers the ultimate mind-body connection, allowing you to truly understand the mechanics of your body and its connection to your mind. We move through the poses in a more static manner, with an educational focus that allows you to learn about your own anatomy. Claudia breaks down each pose and gives you the opportunity for a self-dissection that enables you to understand how and why your body does what it does.

Power Yoga

This power yoga class will build your internal heat, make you sweat, and leave you feeling empowered and strong. Holding the poses for an extended period of time not only strengthens the body but intentionally challenges the ego (concern with what others think of you) and encourages you to develop your intellect (where your true self lives). Moving through these power poses builds strength and endurance, while teaching you how to manage stress in a healthy way.

Sunset Hatha Vinyasa Yoga w/Claudia

Find the cure for your case of the Mondays through a balanced practice designed to help you wind down from the day. We go at a healthy pace to explore each yoga posture, moving into those areas of the body where we store stress and tension, especially the hips, back, neck, and shoulders. This gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself so you can enter the rest of the week with increased openness and motivation.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Claudia tailors all her classes to meet the physical and emotional health concerns that arise for all of her students. Throughout her classes, breathing techniques and creative visualization techniques are incorporated, which will prove to be powerful allies during labor and delivery.


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