A Cynical Yoga Practice?

I haven’t quite wrapped my head around it, but the word cynical is falling in my lap way to often at times. I find myself a lot of times questioning the “norm”.
Let’s bring this for example. In massage school they speak a lot about massaging the back. Because it is such a big area and bc it feels so good, but in teaching yoga I find most people need the front stretched. If massage is meant to be relaxing, then why not relax and stretch the areas that are most over worked. The front body. We live so within ourselves, constantly hiding from the world, guarding our chakras along with our fears and traumas or battles.  Why not massage the front more and not the back? We live in a slouching culture, hung over desks, or allowing gravity to pull us down into our seats. I am concerned. For myself and others.

This is where I feel cynical. So much lack of common sense being taught these days. So much laziness. I blame myself also. When I point fingers the first point goes to myself. When the back wants rubbing, then to me the back needs working. By work I mean pick my slouchy lazy comfortable self up and sit up, stand up tall. Face my stuff. As I write this, I am unconsciously, now consciously drawing my left elbow in a little closer, so now I am consciously am going to move it away from my mid line. I am gonna practice my “common sense”. My body is speaking to me. I need not guard my heart, but release the discomfort of vocalizing or writing things. This is all I just needed to release these thoughts.