These days….Compassion towards Suffering

How do we Practice Compassion towards Suffering, when we are suffering ourselves?

These days have been obsessed with looking online to see what the truth is about Puerto Rico. Most of my family is there and I have felt so hopeless. I am not much of an angry person, but found myself getting really angry. Sad and then frustrated. From Cisco Terruño passing, waiting for the necropsy and from Hurricane Maria I have just been obsessed. I have been obsessed with Suffering and Compassion towards other and myself.

I, like most Puerto Ricans, am sad to think that the place that has been so much of our life will never look the same. But neither will a whole bunch of other things. Mother Earth is resilient and growth is what she knows best. I honor her and all that she brings.Being grateful for the air above all.

Coming across a posting where I was writing all in capital letters moved me. To be honest I felt a bit embarrassed bc it is out of my character. Ashamed that I behaved that way. The cowboy asked me, what about loving everybody and my response was that I was on a commercial break lol. Frustrated with politics and lies and ignorance above all.

Be Better!

I can be better! Love or appreciate ignorance. By loving myself enough to not be ignorant and to keep educating myself by immersing myself in life and all it’s people. The Yoga Sutras says “Compassion towards suffering” and so I must feel compassion for the suffering that the leader of our country must have in order to behave as he does. Showing compassion towards suffering even if he and others don’ t think they are suffering, bc at the end it really doesn’t matter and it is how I choose to perceive things and attach to them. In the end, love can only end suffering. Therefore I love.