Meet Raleigh NC Yoga teacher, Allison Yost

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What does yoga mean to you?

For me, yoga is the best way to center myself. It also forces me to face the things I might otherwise run from, but in a safe way. Since I started yoga, I have gained confidence, sleep better, understand and appreciate my body, and am more resilient.

I love incorporating the 8 Limbs of Yoga into my life, on and off the mat. I especially love the concept of svadhyaya (self-study), which I have learned is about both learning and teaching. By guiding students in their practice, I am able to understand more about myself, which in turn allows me to share what I learn with my students. It’s a really beautiful cycle.

What can your students expect to gain from your classes or workshops?

My hope is that my students walk away from my classes feeling like they got what they needed (even if it isn’t what they wanted!). I want my students to feel safe in my classes, knowing that they will get personal attention to ensure correct alignment and that they can ask questions at any time. My goal is for students to slow down, breathe, find contentment in both stillness and movement, and gain a better understanding of the mindbody connection.

What is the hardest things to understand about yoga?

The hardest thing to understand about yoga is that yoga is not hard! Challenging, yes, but not hard. It really is one of the most accessible activities I know. Yoga is for all ages, for all abilities, for all body types.

Why do you want to teach others?

Honestly, I want to teach others because I want to spread peace and love. That might sound corny, but it is absolutely what is at the heart of my desire to teach yoga. I know what yoga brought to my life, and I love being able to guide others down that path. And the more I’m able to dedicate my energy to helping others, the more I’m able to find peace and love within myself.

What is your favorite pose and why?

I can’t pick just one, but I’ll narrow it down to two: utthita trikonasana (extended triangle) and half moon (ardha chandrasana). I love triangle because it really gets into so many parts of my body that need stretching. When I first started practicing, I hated the pose. I felt uncomfortable and awkward. Now it’s a pose that not only gives me a stretch that I’ve learned to enjoy, but it makes me feel strong and confident. I love half moon because I love anything that has to do with the moon, but also because it’s another pose that helps me to feel powerful and grounded.

What do you like about Raleigh NC Yoga and the space?

I love Raleigh NC Yoga because of the small, close-knit community. It’s like a big yoga family, and everyone is super supportive of each other. The studio is magical, that’s really the only word for it. With big windows that allow for natural light and trees all around, it’s such a great place to practice yoga.