My Reiki Experience at Raleigh NC Yoga

I have been receiving Reiki from Claudia for nearly six months now and I can honestly say it has been one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. From the moment I walk into her cottage, I feel the healing begin. Claudia always welcomes me with a hug and asks how I am doing. Sometimes I just start talking and it is amazing where the conversation takes us! There is usually an emotional or physical need that surfaces each time.

Claudia is a wonderful listener and is very gentle and non-judgmental. I feel comfortable sharing what I need to with her and that my personal journey will be kept only to her. The cottage is a safe place…all you have to do is be open to inner growth.

I’m never sure what to expect, and sometimes we decide to try a specific exercise after I arrive. This could involve pulling a Tarot card, learning about some aspect of Yoga, or maybe Thai stretching. The treatment involves Reiki in the traditional sense, of course, but Claudia always knows what to do based on what I need that particular day.

At our most recent session, I had my eyes closed and Claudia was moving around my body. I wasn’t sure where she was at the time, but all of a sudden I saw an elephant on a unicycle holding an umbrella! I started cracking up and she asked me why (it is ok to share during your sessions if you want to!) I told her what I saw and she told me she was remembering a song she sang to her daughter Victoria. She began to sing in Spanish, and I heard “elephante.” She said the song was about an elephant and balance. Magic!

Those are the kinds of connections I am thrilled to receive and one reason I enjoy Reiki sessions so much. Human connection. Positive energy flow. Increased strength. Open chakras. All of these gifts are there for you if you focus and accept them. I suggest giving Reiki a try!