Some Days are just good. Right Dottie “Orenda”?

Dottie Orenda Chambers
15675646_10154874733852840_7338255357582230278_oI woke up this morning. I wanted to see her. Dottie “Orenda”. My Horse.
I have a horse. Beyond my dreams, i never thought this would happen. But it feels so right.
A little scared, but so is anything really.
I have had some really great support along the way. Chris, Victoria, Students, Friends, Alex of Pasture Pals, and Jules, the owner of Peace Palace. A Sacred Space she created in her backyard.
One look at Dottie and she said “Let’s do this!”
No  questions.
I had been following Pasture Pals on FB for awhile and in November I came across Dottie’s posting.
WOW!!! The stuff she had been thru. Once upon a time, Dottie had a good owner. But when he had a stroke and asked his daughter to take care of his horses, she should have said no or educated herself. Loved and then when her loving owner had a stroke, his daughter who he asked to watch over his horses treated her with such ignorance. Ignorance as in the choice to not know better. So much she must have gone through to treat an animal with such ignorance. Dottie’s lost her sight due to an eye infection. And then as greed so easily plays in most people’s lives, she decided to breed Dottie. Blind and unaware of what was going to happen to her. She was mounted by a strange horse. I can’t even begin to understand. Dottie later had a little one of her own, but it died bc she could not see it and apparently suffocated in her sac she was born in.
Dottie was neglected and she was very thin and on the brink of death.
Thank goodness for people like Alex and Keith of Pasture Pals. The stories they share about their rescues. The inhumanness of humans and the treatment of animals the encounter is really devastating.
I fell in love with Dottie as others have.
The thing that resonated with me recently is the fact when I teach the yoga and horse retreats I teach people how to essentially lead a blind horse. They have to close their eyes and become fully aware of their surroundings. We live in such a world where aesthetics is too much relied upon, which I guess is one of the reasons Dottie had not been adopted yet. And now I lead a blind horse:) How cool is that?
I had lasik eye surgery when I was 23. I wore glasses since the 4th grade and used to close my eyes and just walk around my parents house. Feeling, hearing, smelling, even tasting the air. So it really made “sense” for Dottie Orenda and I to be together.
She is good to. Real good. She is kind, and learns so quickly.
She arrived at Peace Palace on Monday December 26th, 2016. What a journey it was. To see her trustingly enter the trailer not knowing where she was going. But she trusted Alex and I know she trusted me. B/c we connected.
The first day we met, I was super insecure and anxious. And she felt that.
The 2nd time we met, I felt good. I took by the lead and knocked on the fences, said “Metal” or “Wood Fence”
Her expression understood.
When she would approach a fence I would say the standard “Whoa” and she would stop. Then try to push me a little to get me to keep walking. Then I would knock on the fence. And she understood, she would be safe with me.
The 3rd time we met, she remembered. Even though she has no eyes, I can see them as if they were there. Her expression, her body language, her energy.
I love her all ready. How could I not. She deserves it. I deserve her. She is a gift from the Great Spirit. Whatever her age whether it be 20 or 25 or 28, she is a living breathing creature. And she is mine to love.

My intentions are to love her of course, but to also introduce her to those that are intimidated by the awesomeness of horses. To let each person that encounter her shift their breathing to a place of ease and comfort. Knowing she will not judge them, especially since she can’t see and we usually judge immediately with our sight. She will be truth. Truth in its very  essence.
and thus she is called “Orenda” –
Read up an see all the hard work Alex Daniels and Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc. has done for Dottie. We can help ourselves. We can make conscious choices for our decisions. But if we don’t know about something educate yourself. You don’t have to go to school to pick up a book.  A horse , or animal or a child should never have to suffer.

Humans can be the worst predators. I think if this is how someone can treat a horse, than I can’t imagine how they treat themselves. And then there are people like Alex and Keith and their volunteers Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc. Kind humans that genuinely care for the welfare of animals. They give them a voice. They bring them back to life. Please check out what they do to make our world a better place. It is not easy work, but they do excellent work. They are Love.
Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc.
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Alex. Angel of Horses:) 2016


Dottie 2016 Because OF Love


Dottie 2014 Time of Rescue, Would she survive without the love and compassion of Alex?











Thank you Pasture Pals for bringing Dottie “Orenda” back to life so she could be in mine. And saving the lives of others. Many say they would but you did and you do.