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I am so grateful to have stumbled upon Claudia and her program. From the very first time I met her, she immediately welcomed me with a hug and I instantly felt like a friend to her. I had practiced previously mostly in power yoga, and I expected to gain more knowledge of the body and its mechanics and how yoga influences it in the physical way. However, I am walking away from my teacher training with so much more than that. I have been introduced to yoga on a completely different level and I am so thankful to have learned about all the mental and emotional and spiritual connections in yoga. The mind and body are truly connected in more than just a anatomical way and Claudia brought all of that to life for me. I am leaving this program with a different perspective on yoga. Now it is so much more than just another workout to me and I think had I gone to a power yoga program I would have missed out on all the beautiful intricacies about it.



The Yoga Horse Connection workshop was truly and amazing experience. Last week I did not even know this kind of connection exhisted , now I know I can not live with out more. Jim Thomas is always a cordial host who is so happy to share his Natural Horsemanship techniques and experience at his beautiful farm. Truly an advocate for the horse. Claudia is a gifted Yoga instructor and truly amazing at sharing her confidence and direction so each student can attain  their own goal on the ground as well as on top of a horse. Allison is such a gift as a planner, coordinator and photographer. She really helps to make the whole experience magical. I am truly thankful for this amazing experience and will be forever shifted in my life goals. ~Ducka


I have been attending yoga classes at this studio for a little over five years, and it has been one of the most beneficial and enjoyable parts of my time in Raleigh! The setting is beautiful, and so are the people. I have learned to breathe, to stretch, and to trust myself both on and off the mat. Claudia’s strength and humor has helped me find the same in myself, and I credit my time and things I have learned at the studio for helping me to get through grad school successfully. Before I started attended classes here, I suffered from bad allergies and asthma that usually ended up leading to bad bronchitis about once a year, my right knee always caused me problems, my lower back caught easily, and I was convinced I couldn’t bend sideways. Now, my allergies and asthma are much better controlled, as is my knee, I can bend sideways just fine, and I have not had bronchitis or back issues in four years. Apart from physical benefits, I always have a great time at the studio, and leave with a smile. ~Anne-Lise


Your studio and classes have been such a big part of my yoga practice and a bright spot in my life. Everything O know about yoga I learned from your amazing classes and the awesome instructors you chose. Out of all the studios I’ve practiced in, yours stands out for the variety of classes and the feeling of practicing among friends. I am going to miss all of you so much.
~ Corinne, RNCY Student


This is a great yoga studio!  I’ve been going for about six months and have taken several different classes with a number of different instructors.  Claudia, Rachel, and the other teachers are all really warm, welcoming, and kind.  The atmosphere of the studio is very peaceful and supportive.  The classes are affordable, probably the best deal in the Triangle, and there’s a great variety.  They have beginner’s classes that are a really great place to start, and they have athletic endurance flow and fusion classes that are a real workout.  Of the four studios I’ve tried in the Triangle, this is far and away the best one–you can really focus on your practice and feel comfortable in the environment and with the teachers.  I highly recommend it!
~Elizabeth, RNCY Student


I’ve been going to this studio for about a year…when they were in the bank vault and now that they’ve moved to their new location. The new location is great; more room and no issues with downtown parking. This is easily my favorite yoga studio in Raleigh…classes are affordable and the teachers are fantastic. There is a variety of classes for all levels and preferences — if you need a good stretch, want to build strength, or to get an intense workout. They also offer regular workshops on the weekends to focus on particular styles or poses which is a nice option. Be prepared to sweat at both Claudia and Rachel’s athletic endurance flow classes and you WILL be sore after Rachel’s fusion class (in a good way!). The owner of the studio, Claudia, is so welcoming and friendly. I would recommend this studio to anyone and everyone!
~Katy, RNCY Student


Hello my dear teacher:)

You’ve got about a million things your juggling right now with the Teacher Training stuff, the Living Social stuff, the Move! and all kinds of other regular business so just want you to know that I am so thankful to have had YOU as my teacher through all of this. I don’t want my resistance to you or anything to overshadow the love and thankfulness that I am filled with when I think about all of it. YOU, my dear, are a fabulous teacher. I feel like I have shifted and grown in so many ways, in my practice, in my confidence, in my inner strength and calm. Much of that is thanks to your influence and guidance.
~Holli K. YTT Graduate

A friend of mine in Winston-Salem works at the hospital and they have an on-staff yoga instructor. My friend arranged for me to meet with her and talk about her experiences in teaching and her education over the years. It was great talking with her and I gained some helpful insights, but I really appreciate you as my instructor so much more now. She only teaches one form of yoga. She is also pretty hard core about vegetarian lifestyle, no sugar, no caffeine, nothing microwaved, etc. She was a big name dropper in who she’s worked with in India, London, California, the ashrams she’s studied at, etc. I’m so glad that I was in Raleigh and met you for my training. I feel like I’m getting a much more balanced education and it’s so nice to meet with other yoga people and see what styles, experiences, other insight there is out there, but I definitely made a good choice in you as my instructor. Thanks!!

This is one of the first days I have gone to yoga early in the morning- and it has been one of the most productive and enlightening days I have had in a while. So I wanted to express my gratitude for your instruction this morning. Every time I take a class from you I feel like I get out of yoga what i’m supposed to. A true body/mind connected exercise. So thank you!~Jordana A.

I’ve been meaning to send you a message to let you know how much I love your classes and am loving yoga! I’ve lost TEN POUNDS in the last five weeks and I want to thank you for teaching such great, challenging classes. Another huge benefit of all the yoga is that it is keeping me centered with all the wedding planning. I love it! ~ Lily L.

What an amazing space you have! (And gift, of course.) Its like, a sacred little secret of your own creation that all should know about. Spread the word ya’ll because if you haven’t discovered it yet, you have quite a treat ahead of you… ~Laura B.

“Claudia Conty is one of the most amazing yoga instructors I’ve had the pleasure of studying with. Her heart, her energy and her skills provide her students with a marvelous experience. I am consistently amazed at the gift of Claudia’s caring and ability. I highly recommend her as an outstanding teacher.” ~ Ken D.

Rachel is an excellent instructor. She is quick to access the strengths of her students and her knowledge and mindful way of instructing are perfect for practicing you. Thank you!

What up Claudia! I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me grow not only physically but more importantly mentally this past couple of months. It just seemed like yesterday when summer began and with it going by so fast I’ve learned to appreciate each moment and slow everything down, really enjoy and be grateful for each passing second. Thanks again, you have no idea of the feats that I am about to accomplish with the teachings that you have given me. ~ Kennie 7/30/2009
Feedback from out Living Social deal in 2011
~I would highly recommend Claudia and her studio. She is a very kind and caring instructor and her studio is a great environment. 6/7/2011
~terrific value, nice atmosphere, terrific business!
~I’m so glad to have discovered this studio! I’d never heard of it before the Living Social coupon, but it turns out that they have classes right by me. I’m planning to buy a package when my coupon expires.
~Claudia Conty is an extremely gifted teacher and therapist and I am very happy with my classes and sessions at Raleigh Yoga. Thank you.

You are a truly wonderful teacher. I have never felt stronger physically and progressed so far in my poses as I have with you, and with this training experience. That’s nothing short of awesome! I am so, so thankful to have the knowledge that has put me in this place of strength that I really did not know I was capable of…so thank you. Thank you for that. ~ Holli K., Graduate of RNCY YTT Program, 5/20/11

Thank you Claudia for helping me physically with Chair Yoga twice a week at Magnolia Glen. I feel this has been the most rewarding excercise and made me feel how important exercise is for all my Arthritis. She is such a joy to be with. ~Patricia F. 8/30/11

Claudia has done such a good job at Magnolia Glen getting us to exercise right. ~Lee G. 8/31/11

Claudia’s has a dedication and commitment in teach her yoga classes. She is well qualified and very caring as she leads Chair Yoga at Magnolia Glen. During the class she goes directly to any individual who seems to have difficult following the exercise and personally works to help them. She is a very special person. ~Eleanor M. 8/29/11


Comments about our Living Social Special:

Great deal! I plan on continuing! Good attention paid to each individual’s needs. Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Claudia is wonderful! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Wonderful instruction and feedback! Increases focus on personal growth by taking the emphasis off looking good while working out. Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Great teacher! Hope to go weekly! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Loved it! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

This Yoga was the best I have ever been to. The staff wanted you to get the full benifit!! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Great experience! Claudia was very nice, warm, and welcoming. I was challenged and left feeling more relaxed and connected to my body. I will definitely return! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Claudia is awesome. Had a great experience and plan to continue. Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Wonderful, relaxing atmosphere. Great instruction. Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Claudia is wonderful!! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Claudia is such an amazing instructor! I will definitely be back 🙂 Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Claudia is an amazing instructor. She’s playful about yoga, not overly serious. She does what she can to make you laugh and smile. The yoga is based on you, not a strict list of poses with no deviations. Highly recommended! Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up

Claudia is so helpful in guiding you through propper positioning and form. Ten Yoga Classes 10 Yoga Classes Thumbs Up


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