Thai Yoga Reiki Stretchy Sessions

So yesterday I posted a video talking a bit about the Thai Yoga Reiki Stretching Sessions I offer and wanted to do a quick followup post on just how good it is. Sometimes I find it better than a massage bc when I get massaged at times they press so hard I tighten up and end up holding my breath at times. When I do Thai, yes there are some good pressure points that awaken STUFF you have stored in pockets of your body and that hurts really good. We say “HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY”. But when we find those area we move into them mindfully by me asking you specific questions and reinforcing the Art of Breathing. I help traction areas that feel compressed and open up the rivers in your body. We breathe together and then those jammed up areas release not just a current of life, it begins to release obstacles in our minds. The key though is the breathing, the connection of you, me, and the universe. Once those areas have opened I do some good Reiki and send some positive reinforcement energy from the Great Universe. Everybody feels something different each time. Each sessions varied each time based on what you are going thru emotionally, physically, mentally. It is a very different experience, a rich one, where you immerse yourself in your being. Come see for yourself. I am offering an introductory offer of $65 for your first session. The session lasts 1 hour and the only thing I ask is that you arrive hydrated and hydrate afterwards:) If you are interested in setting up a session, call or text to 919-633-8999:) I am looking forward to seeing you Soon!