A twist is more than just a twist. 6pm Every Sun- Fridays we twist. Not just to twist but to flush it all out. You know the toxins that crud up in your small and large intestines. You can’t breathe in with out releasing out. Did you know that toxins are not best removed by your skin like someĀ peeps believe, but actually thru your exhales and the rest by pooeing and peeeing. They say 80% of toxins are released thru your exhales and maybe 1% from your skin. So twist your body. Clear the space. Wring out your organs and cleanse your spirit. Exhale and make it a good exhale. Not a superficial survival breathe and really good Haaaaaaa………. It’s not always about how much you sweat as your sweat regulates your body temp, it doesn’t remove your toxins as you may think. De-stressing doesn’t need to be hard it needs to be conscience.