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Your highly trained and dedicated instructors provide you with a detailed and thorough yoga practice. Whether a new student or an experienced practitioner, you will find that your instructors are here to guide and support you, and to give you the encouragement and confidence to step onto your mat and into your practice! To learn more about Raleigh NC Yoga Instructors simply click on their image or bio. We look forward to meeting you soon:) Namaste.

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Claudia C.

Claudia C. E-RYT 200

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Since the year 2000 I have been a Certified Paramedical Aesthetician (Skin Care Specialist) working with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in the Fort Lauderdale area. I found my speciality in Acne and working wtih pre-cancerous lesions. In 2003 I opened up my own private practice and achieved outstanding results with clients. I loved taking care of their skin and seeing their confidence build. The first impression people see is your skin. It is your shell. One of the most important ideas that I learned was that your skin being your largest organ, it is there to assist your body not only in regulating its temperature, but to assist your body in the constant process of detoxification. We can tell so much by one’s skin.
At that time I also began to study Herbology and began referring a lot of my clients to Eastern Chinese Medicine Doctors.

In 2003 I began to practice the art of yoga. As a child I remember my god father practicing different asanas on my native island of puerto rico. I could remember my great aunt wearing a bandana around her head and practicing thai chi on the balcony overlooking the ocean. It was always so enticing to see these beautiful postures and try to understand the philosophy behind them. You would think they were just breathing and stretching. But there was more….
Yoga Offers Health, Peace, and Happiness for the Body, Mind, and Soul In September of 2008, the time arrived for me to take my yoga practice to the next level. I wanted to teach yoga. After much research and thoughtful consideration I found Elizabeth Hoffman. She is an extraordinary instructor and I am very grateful that we have crossed paths. It was the right time and the right teacher for me.

I want you to know that classes or poses can be modified for each individual student as I give others options for their ailments. Some poses may feel different at times for most people b/c they are doing things they do not normally do in their everyday life. In one class alone I may have 6 students with the following ailments: 1 25% of a working heart, 1 with symptoms of bipolar, 1 with knee surgeries, 1 with herniated discs, 1 with scoliosis, & 1 that may have a torn hamstring. I want you to know that my role as an instructor is to guide you in your practice. And your needs along with others can be modified. My specialty is working with many injuries and health conditions or dis-ease of the mind/ body. The tough part with any yoga class is really getting the mind where it needs to be.

My experience consists of working with: Retirement Communities (Eldest student was 95 years of age), Girl Scout (Youngest student being 3 years of age), Students with Alzheimer’s, Students with Parkinson’s, Students with Fibromyalgia, Students with High Blood Pressure, Students with herniated or bulging discs, Students with Asthma, Students with Arthritis, Students with Depression, Students with Cancer, Students with Anxiety, and Students with Stress related dis-eases of the mind body.

On a more personal note: I love spending time with My dear husband Chris and my sweet daughter Victoria. I enjoy horseback riding, nature, and learning about Native American history. I enjoy co-existing with people who desire to be authentic and true to themselves.


– Owner of Raleigh NC Yoga, LLC.
 y Respira Yoga Studio (2009)
– Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hour – Vinyasa certified by Urban Bliss (2008)
– 200 E-RYT with Yoga Alliance (2008-present)
– Reiki 2 Practitioner 2014
– Master Herbalist 2014
– Member of IAYT- International Association of Yoga Therapist Membership #: 32021902
~June 23rd 2016 Graduated from Timberlake Sanctuary with the Inner Life of the Child
-Currently enrolled in The Tempermaments
– Thai Yoga Therapist certified thru the Vedic Conservatory with Mukti Buck (2009)
– Skin Care Specialist – Specializing in Acne, Pre-cancerous lesions, Anti – Aging
– Aromatherapy Oils
– University of South Florida – 4 years, studied Business, Arts- Painting & Sculpting  (1996-2000)



“Rachel took her first yoga class in September 2009 on a whim, and instantly became hooked. She decided to become a teacher after only a few months of practicing yoga, and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Hari’s Ashram in November 2010. Rachel practices and teaches various styles of yoga, but especially has a great deal of experience both teaching and practicing the Ashtanga primary series. To balance out the vigorous nature of Ashtanga, Rachel also loves to teach restorative yoga, and in the future she hopes to expand her teaching practice into therapeutic yoga to help those suffering from both physical and emotional problems. Rachel is also a bass guitar player, composer, and avid fan of classic rock music. She has been a vegetarian since 2009 and a vegan since 2010 as a personal conviction to follow the yogic principle of ahimsa (non-violence) towards all living creatures.