y Respira is a sacred space of self discovery founded by Claudia Chambers in 2008.
Knowing that living is not linear and with the application of yoga, massage, and energetic & wholistic healing through the senses & vibrations, Claudia holds space by empowering those willing to discover the power of connecting to their breath – the essence of our being, in turn honoring their own Orenda, or spiritual force, and walking their own Spiritual Path.

It is the constant reinventing of the wheel that creates change. The seasons never stop.
The Winds of Time flow continuous through her life and she takes great pleasure in riding these waves.

Direct, raw, and unapologetic, Claudia is a guide whose only expectation is that students and clients rise to challenges that call them to move through discomfort to discover and connect to the strong SPINE within all of us. Claudia’s tough-love approach comes from her deepest held wisdom that, though it isn’t easy, living a life authentically your own is always worth it.

A challenger by nature, Claudia does not coddle or enable, but remains present, compassionate, and connected to students throughout their process of becoming and being able to embrace their own strengths, powers, and gifts. Claudia knows that there is no need to compete with others when we can appreciate our differences in order to become the best version of ourselves through acknowledging all beings as teachers through opportunities. A strong and confident guide and fellow voyager, Claudia’s calling in life is to educate individuals that are ready to embrace their fullest potential – always connected, being, feeling, living, and always breathing…

… y respira.

Are you ready to stop being who others want you to be and begin being who you were born to be?

One Life. One SPINE.





“It was very quiet all the time because the trees needed to focus on their lives.It is not easy to grow so much, for so long.” ~ Kallie Markle