LISTEN: Love & Weeds Podcast Episode13. Bhakti Yoga- Beyond the Mat

In this episode of the Love & Weeds Podcast Claudia and Brandy explore the practice of Bhakti Yoga off of the mat.  Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of Devotion.  Traditionally the practice of Bhakti Yoga revolves around one’s devotion to a higher power or god.  Is it possible for us to look beyond the traditional meaning of Bhakti Yoga and interpret it in a modern sense or are we stretching the true meaning when we do that?  We are reminded that surrendering to a higher power is part of the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga (episode 3).  This week’s challenge is to reflect on what you are worshiping or devoting yourself to.  Do you consider that devotion your practice of Bhakti Yoga?  Share with us!