LISTEN: Love & Weeds Podcast Episode 17. Duality Series Part I – Dualism

In this episode of the Love & Weeds Podcast Claudia & Brandy embark on a 3 part series on Duality.  This series will cover the topics of duality in terms of being separate from the divine, the separation that exists inside of us and then how we can integrate all aspects of ourselves and the divine.  In Part I- Dualism, Brandy explains to us what dualism is and why it is so engraved into our western culture–we can thank Plato and his influence on Western Consciousness.  Here Brandy dives deep into the common Western belief that man and God or the Divine are two separate entities and that our time here on earth is spent in suffering waiting for our reward when we return to divine existence i.e. heaven.  Is this really the essence of our being?  Are we truly separate from the divine or are we fragmented parts of a divine whole?