18. Duality Series Part II – The Shadow Self

In this episode of the Love & Weeds Podcast Claudia & Brandy continue with the Duality Series this time discussing the idea of the Shadow Self.  Originally coined by Carl Jung, our Shadow Self often contains the parts within us that we may try to hide or deny, but is often an aspect of ourselves that we are not even aware of.  Here Brandy dives deep and shares some of her darker elements that she has discovered and integrated and how she has gotten over the shame they have caused her.  Together they try to figure out what Claudia’s shadow self might be.  Are you aware of your inner shadows?  Brandy encourages us to turn off the TV and put down the wine or whatever we are doing to numb ourselves, and spend some time sitting with and acknowledging our feelings. Once we can begin to allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling, we can start to understand and integrate all aspects of ourselves and get over the shame and negative feelings that we unnecessarily harbor.