LISTEN: Love & Weeds Podcast Episode 19. Duality Series Part III – Dualism in Society

This week on the Love & Weeds Podcast, Claudia and Brandy complete the third and final installment of the Duality Series.  They started discussing the duality that exists between man and the divine, then went on to the duality that exists within ourselves and finally they get to the dualities that exist in our society.  Dualism exists all around us.  Good vs bad, left vs right, knowledge  vs belief, etc.  How do the dualities that exist outside of us in our daily lives influence the decisions we make and the ideals that we represent? This is not a political conversation, but if we give any of our attention to the “news” then we know that it is at the forefront of what Brandy calls “Infotainment”.  The dualisms that are projected onto us are what divides us.  Perhaps if we become aware of this, we can stop separating ourselves from each other and remember that despite our differences we really are all one!