LISTEN: Love & Weeds Podcast Episode 22. Observations – Part II – Relationships

In this episode of the Love & Weeds Podcast, Claudia and Brandy return to continue their discussion on how to use the Observation process to assist us in making positive, lasting change to our lives.  The Observation Process allows us to assess the what, why when, how and outcome of a situation without being emotionally attached to the situation.  In this episode our hosts use this process to evaluate issues in relationships and how the process of observation can help us to take a step back and look at the situation for what it is rather than allowing our emotional attachments to influence the outcome.  This method can be applied to all of the different types of relationships in our lives including ones that only exist in our memory.   Claudia and Brandy breakdown several different scenarios and apply this method to help us understand how we can use it to bring positive change to the relationships in our lives.