Making Changes

Have you made any changes recently? Recently, I purchased a book from #dragontree called Rituals for Living. It is helping me to understand the world of planning a bit more. I plan very lightly. The first thing I realized with this book is that I am hesitant to commit to things. Partly, bc one of my roots is quite flighty. My father was raised Military so he was constantly being uprooted and so as a child, when he would commit to a friend and a new life, he would be uprooted. That trickled into my life. Papi sometimes would just up and leave without saying good bye. Usually for a work trip. It was normal for him, but not normal for me. In time I learned he was very much like Wrangler, not wanting to be contained. So, indirectly as I picked up on all that and saw that through my perspective I found it hard to commit.
I am in the process of learning how to commit in so many different ways. My intention has been to keep to my commitments, to o myself, my family , and all around me.
Have you made any changes recently?
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