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What a whirlwind we are all in this during this transition of Winter to Spring. Mother Earth is requesting that we get just a bit wiser by bringing it all back home. Hibernation is still much needed. This is the time to take all you have learned off the mat and into your sacred space. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and I am missing my hugs and physical connections. I will look forward to us hugging again soon!

There are so many auto immune diseases these days bc of high levels of stress. We are all susceptible to what is happening, even if we haven’t been diagnosed by a medical profession. Dying is part of this life and the reality is, it is overwhelming and scary, and living is never guaranteed.

Living is Terminal.

How you live is a whole other thing. Papi always says to me…. “Claudia, I am getting older”. And my response has always been…. “y que (& what?) So am I” .
The other day, I lost a friend to a brain anyeurism, it all happened within a day. She would have turned 70 today. It all happens so quickly. Lets look at how we can live fuller within ourselves and have greater and more intimate connections with one another. Deeper relations like the roots of the Standing People as they hold one anothers roots under the Earth.

In this time of hibernation take the time to explore what means the most to you, write it down, and make it happen by beginning the deeper process of self realization. My whole life I have done this and it has all happened the way I wrote down, therefore – “Maktub”.
Maktub is Arabic for “It is Writtem”.

Every negative thing has a hidden gift. Mother Earth is cleansing herself.  They say there are blue skies in China. Read an article here. That says a little something, don’t you think? This is an even better time to declutter our head space. Find our ability to Breathe with respect to our mindbodies and free ourselve from the stresses that we so quickly and easily attach to.

So what can be our first step?
Set aside a space in your home, where you children can see you taking care of yourself, or where it is safe that your doggie doesn’t try to hump you. Make this your personal sacred space. Place a plant nearby for more oxygen. Place your mat and begin.

During this time, I understand that everything is iffy. So I have decided to help in the best way that I can. By offering classes online by love donations. Pay what you can to help to support our small business. You know I am not a planner but know how to whip things up by scratch. I will give you what you need and not what you want bc yoga isn’t about feeding your ego. Simply message me when we sign on about what you need or feel that day.

The studio is officially closed for visitors until April 1st. All classes will be now online thru FB LIVE OR Skype . I can only make corrections thru Skpe. My profile name Maktubdragonfly.
Safety is a priorty. We took our practice into the yard this past weekend, but with pollen being so high, I prefer not to trigger asthma or respiratory scenes for myself and others. If there is an opportunity to take it outside I will definiteyly keep you posted.

Another option is private online sessions are very much possible. Message me and we will make it happen!

We have also created a separate Y Respira Member FB Group page for our Leap Members and Luna y Sol Packages. Here we will provide extra videos and meditations made specifically for your needs during these tough times.

Again, during this time we greatly appreciate the support of our small and local business thru love donations to paypal email

And remember… that some yoga is better than no yoga.
Here is your chance to take your sacred practice off the mat.

~ Maktub
Claudia y Crew