A Local Approach to the Holidays

Here at the studio, I ask for acknowledgement of one another, bc we are sharing space with the intention of “Selfness”.  Selfness to me makes the world that bit better. When we Honor ourselves, we honor our world as One.
As the holidays approach and the winds stir the lands, our emotions begin to bounce all over the place.We can feel out of place, bc Winds created by the Moon can shift how we see things.
It can be a fun time, but also stressful and sad.
When I divorced, people would say, give yourself a year. But they never said why.
Then I met Amy Pierce with Authentic Self of the Triangle.
She said we need a full year to create new memories with ourselves as a whole. A lot of our memories, good and bad, are uprooted in these months. Amy says we can be Selfish, Selfless, or Selfness. Dec 7th, Jackie will be guiding you in a 2hrs Restoratvive Yoga from 3-5pm.
I challenge you to dive into yourself for 2 hours between the holidays to regather and reconnect thru practicing Selfness.

Though our emotions are our own, we share them directly or indirectly with others. Connection is essential. Look at the window and see how the trees sway and their leaves or branches and limbs touch one another. How their roots intertwine. At some point we all connect. Wether we like it or not. So why not make it a healthy understanding and connection of one another.

Appreciating this Melancholic time period of Autumn can be hard, but it is well needed. It is simply a phase and a reminder that  as the leaves fall they are covering new seeds that have been planted. I try not to let myself get stuck in my sadness or memories, bc I will miss out on all that is to come.
I say this bc suicide is high these days, PTSD is more common than what we think and I want to remind you to be kind to those around you and of course yourself. The fall makes death very visible and here we can appreciate it’s beauty in a different light. Our culture shuns aging gracefully. Mother Nature shows us it’s beauty. The leaves fall oh so gracefully down to the Earth. And Soleil doesn’t always shine as much, so it is easy to forget she is there. But she is, and she winks at us thru the clouds at times to remind us. About a year ago, Amy gifted me a book of her works, writings, and notes that I hope to publish for her. Her intention was that I also teach others what she has taught me. In honor of all that Amy as taught me, I will be hosting an Intimate Conversation with Claudia on Dec 14th. We will share, laugh, and connect as a small group to dive deeper into our Authentic Selves. I will be donating 15% of workshop proceeds to Amy.On Dec 15th, I will be teaching “Understanding the Temperaments”, to better understand how this Melancholic Season along with the other seasons can guide us in achieving balance and peace of mind.  If you find you need or someone around you needs extra support in this time, here is the Suicide prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Rememberinig that their experiences or traumas shift your own emotions and your emotions shifts those around you. Living and practicing living is a hard dance and spending time alone or in a community helps us in this process.

Here are a few personal examples:

The other day I was walking into a store and there was a older man kneeling and scrubbing the concrete outside. We looked at each other and the time moved very slowly, like in the movie the Matrix. I smiled. He smiled. I say hi, he said hi. It felt like an hour. I so cherish these moments. This is how I live my life. Everything happens slowly.

Then I attended an event and there were others sharing a space. I attempted to connect with others, but not one eye that I didn’t know turn and acknowledge myself and the other person that entered the room. It felt odd.

Chris, Victoria, & Farhanah attended an volunteered yesterday at the NC FOOD Bank  and I was happy when he told me that he made it an intention to introduce himself to a person he did not know.
Farhanah has been struggling on meeting new friends here. Being one of a few students at Millbook that cover, she wears a hijab, she stands out. It seems to somehow make her unapproachable. She says that the other exchange students aren’t having a hard time finding friends.
I gave her school work- to introduce herself to 2 people a week. She has been doing it and feels so much better.
Growing up, Papi always said when you make eye contact with someone, acknowledge them with a smile. Look at them with intention of smiling. Bc you really have no clue what they have been thru.
I am so grateful that he taught me this. I go out of my way to make eye contact, smile, and connect with others. Even for a moment.  We are partnered with Planet Peace Affiliates and coming Nov 30th we will be hosting a Friendsgiving Potluck for all to join and to practice connecting. Make sure to bring a blanket for the bonfire, and of course your wonderful smile. I hope you will bring a friend and join us.

As a local, small family owned studio, let’s support one another, with kindness and compassion, time, and rest, space and  smiles, and most of all contact and connection. So many people in the world today and so many struggling and some that aren’t. I am now offering 30 minutes sessions at a discounted rate to be applied to yourself or someone you know that needs self care. I say first begin super local, like within yourself. And then branch out to those closest to you and let the butterfly effect move on from there as we continue to honor ourselves and the work being done.

~ Makutub
Claudia y Crew