Anatomy Series

Anatomy Series

Begins on April 10th from 6:30 -8:30pm and meets every 2nd Wednesday of each month

Learning thru living dissection.
 Break up your anatomy to better understand how to isolate different parts of your body in order to heal from injuries and prevent future ones  from happening.
 It is all about understanding your internal world. You will be tapping into your creative side and exploring and fine tuning  how you currently move giving you a better view of ailments and discomforts.

 There will be an opportunity to apply hours towards our Yoga Teacher Training or Continuing Education   REGISTER

$35 for non members $29.75 for members
Package Options available:

4 workshops for $128 ($32 each)
8 Workshops $232 ($29 each)
12 Workshops $312 ($26 each)

Dates  are as follow:
Dec 11th
Jan 8th
Feb 12th
March 11th
April 8th
May 14th
June 11th
July 8th
Aug 12th
Sept 9th
Oct 7th
Nov 11th
Dec 9th