Anger – The Emotion of Spring

…The trees are moving upward and so can you. Use this time to join us for classes and expressive events……

They say your actions speak louder than words. Truth/Satya can be expressed by words, but I have found truth to be essentially displayed thru act. Act of love, following thru, and really doing what you say. We can always change our minds, but with yoga we learn to speak the truth with kindness. And I have learned that fluff isn’t always kindness. Recently, I had an experience where the words of one person shifted my understanding of them.  When our ego attaches to our emotions we can no longer understand or communicate what “is” and then we cheat ourselves and others of learning, growing, accepting, and loving.

In all of our classes we learn to better understand our truths. We learn how to live in our vessels that carry us from place to place. These vessels that pour life into life and allow the currents to exist.  Taking my practice on and off the mat to a place that I have wanted for so long. I have this growing desire to learn more and teach more and also understand more of others. We are all teachers and my students have been my greatest teachers of all. The people I cross paths with are always teaching, me whether they know if or not. The moments of living together on or off the mat need constant work and embracing of what “is”. The truth.

Let’s keep it simple. Time is valuable. Families and friends are valuable. Strangers are valuable. Be kind, be true with kindness. Connect. Love. Keep it simple and real. As a Mother and Teacher, I set the example of truth for my creation. If I speak one way and show her another then what have I taught her?

In the meantime, if you need some one-on-one attention, whether it be Reiki, Thai Reiki, Tarot, 8 Limbs, or Private Instruction, place a phone call to 919-633-8999 and let’s connect!

Have a Fabulous Day!
Namaste y Maktub.
~ Claudia



Nestle into Nature Yoga Retreat w/ Claudia
February 2nd- February 9th 2019

A special retreat for you! In the middle of the jungle, with just a
5 min walk to beach. Yoga, Delicious Vegan meals professionally
prepared, sloths, wilderness, Medicinal Walk, Waterfall hikes,
meet a Shaman, and much more……



Restorative Yoga w/ Allison
April 20th

Take a break to relax and restore in this workshop with Allison Yost. Using props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks, she will guide you through deep, long-held stretches to release the tension in your mindbody. The session will end with a guided meditation.



Reiki Level 1 Training
Taught by Sophia, RMT for a duration of two days:

May 19th 3-8PM and May 20th 11-4PM.
Sophia has been a Reiki Master Teacher for over a decade and has attuned and taught students from all backgrounds. She is currently a Massage Therapist in Raleigh and has incorporated Reiki into her massage practice.




Intuitive Painting  
June 3rd, 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Every single person is creative. Intuitive painting is about reconnecting with that pure authentic creativity without judgment. Enjoy a moment to get to know yourself better through intuition, experimentation, and paint! All supplies will be included with registration. Cost is $35/person.

Register to via PayPal HERE




Mindful Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Retreat

Dates: April 29th, 2018
Times: 2-6pm
Early Bird Special: $100

We now have RNCY logo goodies!
T-shirts and stickers
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