Massage Therapy & Body Work with Kit

Massage Therapy & Body Work with Kit

An experience not the be missed.

I am bringing Kit on board to offer Massage  and Body Work Therapy here in Raleigh, NC when I am unavailable.

Christy Blankenship (Kit) LMBT#2630

Kit graduated from The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2000
A Licensed Massage Body Work Therapist continuously in NC since 2001

Kit’s Specialties :

  • Acupressure
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Swedish Massage Therapy
  • Therapeutic Stretching
  • Sports Massage Therapy

Kit enjoys Massage & Body Work Therapy bc she likes being present with people. Kit is very intentional with her work and listens to what the body is telling her. Being present she can hear what someone needs. People need to be heard. The body has a story and Kit enjoys listening and asking questions to understand the validation of discomfort. She enjoys communicating with the body and sees Massage Therapy and Body Work as an art and a dance. She loves feeling the moment of acceptance of the body thru bodywork with being present, communicating, and practicing, conversing, and the art form of Body Work itself.

Why Massage &  Body Work Therapy?
Kit enjoys nurturing and healing with her hands. As a therapist you cannot ignore your own body and by being in a field such as Body Work and Massage Therapy, a Therapist must be aware of their own body mechanics. It is an awakening all around. The connection, mindfulness, presence and knowing that she is helping others.

How can body work help people?
Kit knows bodywork can help people, bc it puts them in touch with themselves. The first step to improving ourselves is by developing an awareness of ourselves. These bodies that we own and operate are perfectly designed. Like a machine, there are rules, and when we follow the proper rules of self care then the body or vessel will run better. The only problem is that we are not given an owners manual to operate our vehicles (body). We are supposed to be healthy, but so many people are not in touch with their bodies, their emotions, and theirselves. Through awareness of our bodies, it brings closer to our higher selves.

Kit also studied martial arts & bellydancing for years.