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Understanding the Temperaments w/ Claudia

Are you Water, Fire, Summer, Winter, Fall, Air, Earth, or All?
What is your child? Your partner? Your co workers?

The “Four Temperaments”, or the idea that everyone falls into one of four primary personality types, dates back to Ancient Greece. But, understanding them is just as relevant and valuable today.

The four temperaments are used in Waldorf schools for evaluating the character of each child one is teaching. … The awareness of temperaments offers a teacher /parent gossamer path into a student’s disposition for compassionate connection.

Discover how to find balance by knowing you temperament and the temperament of others around you. Excellent way to guide you in working and living with your family, friends, and co workers.

Sunday Dates :
Dec 15th @ Y Respira Studio (15% proceeds donated to ROCS) Time: 4-5:30pm
March 7th, 2020 @ ROCS (35% proceeds donated to ROCS) Time 11-12:30
June 28th @ y Respira studio (15% proceeds donated to ROCS) Time: 4-5:30pm

Fee: Studio Members $21.25, Non Members $25 RSVP Here.


Workshop Series 8 Limbs of Yoga Off the Mat

We’ll use the practices of journaling, yoga postures, breathing exercises, open-lectures, essay topics for self contemplation (topics to include your personal experiences), setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, and walking meditation to explore the 8-limbs and to have as tools in our practice of yoga on and off the mat.
1.15 Group Discussion followed by 1 hr Yoga on the Mat Practice

Meets Every Sunday for 4 Weeks

Sunday Session dates: April 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th from 4:30pm – 6pm
Time: 4:30pm – 7pm 4 week
Series $120


Moon Celebration

Each month we celebrate the Beautiful Opal Luna / Moon. She exists to feed us with nourishment and rest and peace. A different experience each month to honor her. Allow yourself to arrive with an open heart and mind. Releasing and renewal. Wednesday Dates for 2019 are: (Bold with Star are celebrations of Solstice & Equinox) Dec*22nd
Fee: Non-members $30, Members $25.50
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