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Upcoming Events 

1st Wednesday of Each Month Learn to play the Native American Style Flute

Taught by Lloyd Jenkins In this beginning class, you will learn the basic skills to start you on your journey of enjoying and playing the Native American Style Flute (NASF). This flute is a very simple instrument to play, and most people can master it quickly. No experience is necessary. Flutes will be available for you to use. There will be four lessons, including learning to play a basic scale, breathing techniques, scale songs, embellishments, and “playing from the heart”, which is simply playing your own music. This instrument lends itself to this very easily. You will also learn tablature, that will enable you to play without knowing how to read music, and there will be fun activities that will enhance your playing. Information about how to find free music on the web, along with professional teachers who can advance your skill, will be provided. This course is designed to get you started, and give you the confidence you need to move forward with playing the Native American Style Flute. Four sessions, held on the first Wednesday of the month: May 1, June 5, July 31st, September 4th. Fee options: Option for donation – PayPal to $48 for all 4 sessions. $15 drop in or use yoga class package  SIGN UP HERE or email Claudia

 2nd Wednesday of Each Month

Anatomia Series

Begins on April 10th from 6-8:30pm and meets every 2nd Wednesday of each month except May it will be held on May 15th

Learning thru living dissection.
 Break up your anatomy to better understand how to isolate different parts of your body in order to heal from injuries and prevent future ones  from happening.
 It is all about understanding your internal world. You will be tapping into your creative side and exploring and fine tuning  how you currently move giving you a better view of ailments and discomforts.

 There will be an opportunity to apply hours towards our Yoga Teacher Training or Continuing EducationDates are: April 10th May 15th June 12th July 10th Aug 14th Sept 11th Oct 9th Nov 13th Dec 11th Jan 8th Feb 12th March 11th April 8th
Fee: $35 for non members $29.75 for members Package Options available: *CANNOT APPLY ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS TO PACKAGES 4 workshops for $128 ($32 each) 8 Workshops $$232 ($29 each) 12 Workshops $312 ($26 each)


 3rd Wednesday of Each Month

Moon Celebration

Each month we celebrate the Beautiful Opal Luna / Moon. She exists to feed us with nourishment and rest and peace. A different experience each month to honor her. Allow yourself to arrive with an open heart and mind. Releasing and renewal. Wednesday Dates for 2019 are: (Bold with Star are celebrations of Solstice & Equinox) June*19th, July 17th, Aug 21st, Sept*18th, Oct 16th, Nov 20th, Dec*18th
Fee: Non-members $30, Members $25.50
SIGN UP HERE or email Claudia

 4th Wednesday of Each Month

Tea & Book Time – 1,000 Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo

Join Brandy and Claudia with Yoga, Nature, Life, Sharing. A different Tea & Book  Not really a club per se, more of a gathering of our intellectually creative and diverse selves.

Dates: July24th, August 28th, Sept 25th, Oct 23rd, Nov 20th
Fee: Based on your package or $15 drop in
SIGN UP HERE or email Claudia



Workshop Series 8 Limbs of Yoga Off the Mat

We’ll use the practices of journaling, yoga postures, breathing exercises, open-lectures, essay topics for self contemplation (topics to include your personal experiences), setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, and walking meditation to explore the 8-limbs and to have as tools in our practice of yoga on and off the mat.
1.15 Group Discussion followed by 1 hr Yoga on the Mat Practice

Meets Every Sunday for 4 Weeks

Sunday Session dates: Oct 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
Time: 4:30pm – 7pm 4 week Series $120


 Understanding the Temperaments w/ Claudia

Are you Water, Fire, Summer, Winter, Fall, Air, Earth, or All? Discover how to find balance by knowing you temperament and the temperament of others around you. Excellent way to guide you in working and living with your family, friends, and co workers.
Happens each Season
Sunday Dates for 2019:  June 9th, Sept 15th, Dec 15th
Time: 4-5:30pm
Fee: Members $21.25, Non Members $25 RSVP Here.


Restorative Yoga w/ Claudia

Restorative Yoga is about guiding you into a gentle and deep relaxing yoga practice. The leaves will be surrendering to their journey and guiding you to a place where your bodymindy relinquish any discomfort that creates dams in your interspace. Free yourself. Trust the process of letting go and be the best you! Stress free!
Saturday Dates: May 25th, July 13th, Sept 7th, Oct 19th, Dec 7th 3-5pm
Fee: Members $25.50, Non Members $30 RSVP Here.


Kid’s Yoga w/ Jamie

Peace of mind for our children is something that i found found to be so helpful growing up. My godfather used to teach transcendental meditation in Puerto Rico and taught me some helpful things to retain that inner peace. Now I teach it to my daughter and my teachers.
As adults, slowing down is not something that is encouraged, but yoga gives us the gift of slowing down, embracing and living life with peace.
When your kids are rambucous and you can’t deal with it, then know they are supposed to be. But they also are very much able to find time to quiet their minds. We teach them that. Inner peace, slowing down, breathing, and being.
Calming the Monkey Mind thru yoga and meditation.
Ages 6-9
Days: Tuesdays
Time: 4-5pm
Fee: $12 per Child
Space Limited to 10 children.

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