Guides of Spine Academia

Claudia Chambers, E-RYT











Patricia Pace –Conflict & Hoarding Trauma in our Bodies

Patricia Pace, MA, MDiv., LPC, NCC, LCAS-A

I hold a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and a Master of Divinity
degree, both from Campbell University.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate, and am certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional.  I believe that we all are in a journey from birth to death, and I want to help people live that journey well, no matter in what stage one may find oneself currently.  Your journey may be about recovery, it may be about reconciliation, and it may be about really living well – reclaiming your identity and your life.  Wherever you may find yourself along this continuum, I would like to help.

My work experience has been both in agency and hospital settings, including helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse, trauma, addictions,and the complicated grief of loss or illness.  I have specific experience in helping parents through the loss of a child or family member, and in both pre-marital and marriage counseling.

My favorite work is to help individuals and families find a way forward into a
satisfying life after a difficult time.  I like to utilize stories (our own and our
family’s) as a way to see ourselves in the world and how we relate to the world. My goal in therapy is to encourage people to reclaim the dreams and goals for life that have been forgotten or left behind, and to take control of choosing their own future.  Some of my techniques include:  narrative therapy, family systems work, identification and replacement of negative thoughts that hold us back with cognitive behavioral therapy, creativity and artistic expression, mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation. I am currently training in DBT therapy and addictions including both substance abuse and eating disorders.

When I am not at work, I am usually making music, cooking, walking with my 3 dogs, or spending time with my three adult children.  I am also a certified Qi Gong instructor and practice Tai chi for strength and relaxation.


Cowboy Jim Thomas- Moving into our Fear in Relations with Prey animal

Jim’s training philosophy is results-driven, producing  soft, willing partners. The Bar T assumes the role of the leader:  providing clear signals, consistency, patience and the understanding that the horse should look to his Owner for direction.

“My goal is for you to understand why your horse acts as it does, and what role you must play to gain his trust,” Jim says. “Horses are much like children. Provide the proper environment and they will be yours forever. All things accomplished with a horse are through trust.”

He is a firm believers in groundwork. Regardless of the training level of the horse upon arrival at the Bar T, we will spend a substantial amount of time from the ground before we ever approach the horse with a saddle. Good groundwork is a solid foundation. Just like you wouldn’t put the framework of a house directly on the ground, we wouldn’t dream of moving forward without a foundation.


Shawn Ramsey – Seeing Yourself Through Nature’s Lens

This immersive self-discovery photography experience provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable personal insights and self-healing, with help from with Mother Nature. No photography experience is necessary. All you need is a phone with a camera, an open mind and an open heart.

Shawn Ramsey is a certified coach and communications consultant, with expertise in Positive Psychology, Empowerment, Shamanism and more. She is also an amateur photographer, with a passion for nature and wildlife.





Sophia Collett

Cermonialist Sophia Collett – Moon Cycles and the Cycles of Life

Sophia grew up in sunny Southern California, frequenting the beaches and hiking in the golden hills before making the big move to North Carolina. Her hobbies involve working with ceramics, in which the shaping of clay with one’s own hands is profoundly grounding, concocting new soap recipes, cooking,hiking, and road trips. Having an affinity with the natural world and its healing benefits and mysteries, Sophia pursued her master training in energy work in Costa Mesa under the tutelage of Ariel Hubbard and ceremonial work with The Fellowship of the Illumination. She then taught Reiki levels one and two and has attuned many students into the modality. She then went on to receive her license in massage and bodywork. Most of her life has been immersed in sacred rituals from intimate gatherings to large.




Nurse Jaqueline Lyon – Yonit! Own your Yoni Powers. Mirror Mirror on the Floor

Summer Hunt Goldstein- Herbal Tea and Nutrition