He grounds me

When I feel a struggle coming on, he grounds me.
When I feel like I can’t breathe, he grounds me.
When I feel confused and out of sorts he grounds me.

Our days are not about being filled with chaos and chores.
They aren’t about what’s next.
We sit, we lay down and cuddle on the couch, we fold laundry together, we talk.
We laugh.
He challenges me and sparks my mind and pokes at my talk and language.
He challenges my thoughts and tests my understanding of myself.
He is my R’dWd.

He is ancient. And tall.
Our history in old and rich.
We tend to our soil and keep it fresh.
We feed it with love and conversation.
Many Moons, she said.

I look forward to holding hands and taking a stroll in the forest at sunrise.

He is the father of to our creation and not a day goes by that I just want to hold his hand and feel his scruffy red beard.

With him and only him can I breathe and know that I am