Lymphatic Massage for Detoxification

Did you know that 70-80 % of our toxins are released by our exhales, only 1% from our skin and the remaining 15-20% from pee and poo?
Think about it, when you are stressed your body naturally lets out a big SIGH! Forcing the exhale is going to force you to inhale next, replenishing your system with fresh oxygen. In our yoga classes. we focus on and revolve our whole practice around our breath and how we are breathing.
While releasing toxins through breath is key, you can’t stop there. You need to make sure your Lymphatic System is healthy and doing the job it was meant to do.

The Lymphatic System aids the Immune System in destroying pathogens and filtering waste, to clear the fluid to return to the circulatory system. It removes excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins, from these cells and the tissue spaces between them. Lymphatic Massage is used in weight loss centers to
move the stagnant fluid that builds up from not moving. We need our rivers to flow smoothly. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that sits a lot. And, the stagnation sits where? In your pockets, where all of the lymph nodes hang out.
We can work on moving that lymph in so many ways. But sometimes we are so toxic that moving alone is tricky, so this is where Lymphatic massage comes into play. You lie on the table and we move the lymph towards their ducts and release the toxins so that you essentially pee or poo it out.
It is very important to drink lots of water always, not just prior to and after your session. ALWAYS!!! Because your blood and body is made of so much water! So if you have 1 cup of coffee, should have at least 4 cups of water to flush that out so your pee doesn’t smell. The same with alcohol and juices. When your pee has a smell, then your body is off a bit (unless you had asparagus;).
During your session, Claudia will also focus on massaging your stomach and abdomen area to ensure happy movement and drainage. Which you will drain later, not on the table, in case you are wondering.
Claudia will do a bit of reflexology on your feet to help move the lymph upward and to enhance the benefits, as different points on the feet connect with different parts of the body.
As a Paramedical Aesthetician, Claudia will also help release congesting in the face. The touch is soft and relaxing.
~ Weak Immune System
~ Seasonal Immune Tune-Up
~ Post cold or flu
~ Weight Loss
~ Chronic Fatigue
~ Fibromyalgia
~ Mononucleosis
~ Lyme’s Disease
~ Post Surgery
~ Pregnancy Edema – not if pre-eclampsia or blow clot potential
~ Menstrual Cycle, PMS
~ Paralysis
~ High blood Pressure
~ Thyroid Problems
~ Digestive Challenges
~ Constipation
~ Sinus Congestion
~ Multiple Sclerosis
~ Headaches
~ Auto Immune Conditions

Massage Therapist LMBT, NC License #17542

1 hr 15 min $95
Add-on for 1 hr 30 min Reiki or Cranial sacral Therapy $130

Please contact Claudia by phone at 919.633.8999


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