Jackie Jackie!!!

Wednesday nights Jackie teaches a wonderfully relaxing class catered to those that just need to slow down. I decided to send a few questions her way, so that you could get to know one of our wonderfully relaxing teachers and here you have it! I have brought Jackie on board bc she is simple, just like Yoga. She enjoys taking her time in guiding you in your poses, bc she know Authentic Yoga is meant to slow us down to enjoy the Present. So I encourage you to read on, make time to come and take one or more of her classes. Relaxation of mindbody is needed all over this world and here is a simple way to begin with you first!

Jackie Jackie!!!

What does yoga mean to you?

For me, yoga means peace.

What should students expect to experience from your class?
Slower paced classes so that we can explore alignment, energy and balance in poses.  I like to encourage students to ask questions because, not only do they learn, but as a new teacher I learn as well.

What is the hardest things to understand about yoga?
Yoga is not about being able to stand on your head or twist like a pretzel.  It is a very personal experience and we will all experience it differently.  So, we really need to open-up our heart & mind and listen to what our body is telling us.  That turning inward and listening is probably one of the most difficult things to grasp.

Why do you want to teach others?
Because I think yoga is a wonderful way to not only improve your physical strength and flexibility but also your mental strength and flexibility.  Yoga is such a gift and to be able to teach and share that gift with others can bring about tremendous change both individually and in larger communities.

What is your favorite pose and why?
Vryksasana (tree).  Balancing on one leg and pulling the energy up out of the earth, I can feel it moving all the way up my leg, through my spine, opening up my heart and shooting out through the crown of my head.  Of all the different yoga poses this is the one where I can most feel it all come together – the rebound effect, energy, bandhas – and where my mind is fully turned inward to help me balance.

What do you like about Raleigh NC Yoga and the space?
The first class I took at the studio was a Monday evening class in late October in 2015.  There was a light rain, the doors were open and it was so peaceful that I felt like I’d come home.  I love the sense of community that Claudia has created with the studio.

What would you like others to know about you as a person.
Married for 23 years with no children but two cats that are like our children (Pearl & Edie).  I was born and raised in California.  Other places I have lived besides NC are South Africa and Arizona.  I’ve lived in NC for 12 years now.

I work full-time for a non-profit organization that supports programs and partnerships that advance affordable and sustainable quality health services to improve the overall health of communities in North Carolina and beyond.

What got you into yoga? Teaching?
I took my first yoga class in 2006 when a friend recommended it to help me with some anxiety I was experiencing at with at the time.  Over the years I took classes here and there but nothing full time.  In 2015 I had decided that I wanted (and needed) to practice on a more regular basis and discovered Raleigh NC Yoga.  My path took me there for a reason and I absolutely loved it and was learning so much.  I wanted to learn more so that is why I decided to enroll in Yoga teacher training with Claudia. Teaching is a part of my journey.