July 4th – Maktub Thursday

Not gonna lie and my intention is not to put a damper on today but I get a bit stressed on holidays that have are well known for having a few more cops out on the road bc of people drinking and not always practicing moderation. In 1996 I was hit by a drunk driver in a hit a run. I don’t drink and never have. It is haunting and I am fortunate. There are many others that have been not. It was a school teacher that was coping with alcohol bc her husband was cheating on her. She didn’t even know she hit me. It happened 5 minutes from her home. Moderation is so important to understand but rarely taught. If you are out celebrating with friends and find you aren’t able to practice moderation, tell a friend you can depend on to help you in practicing moderation.
It might save a life.
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your day and find a way to depend on another.

The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. All beings and things are residents in your awareness. ~ Alex Grey

Today is the day that I honor my path. As others have honored and keep honor what is written before them. With the act of Independence, we are also celebrating a cycle of Birth and Death and Birth again. So as we separate ourselves from one relationship, we then unite with others in a new relationship. I am an independent woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur, but willingly depend on others by honoring who they are and their truths and all we each bring to this world. On this day, let’s celebrate unity and new beginnings with growth. Please stay safe and enjoy with moderation. #peace #consciousness #unity #raleighncyoga #yrespira #raleigh #truth #indepenceday #bedependent #knowthyself