My Day Themes

In honor of all my beloved animals and beliefs I have come up with themes for my days that help me move thru struggles I am having. We each can create our own, but these are what help me and I really want to share them:)

Soleil “My Sun”

Soleil Sunday- A day to Honor myself Within.
(In honor of my Soleil)

Soleil was my everything. All of my decisions in life came from the Light she radiated outward into my very Spirit.

She taught me to conquer my fears with Love.

She taught me that the anticipation of life and death is more dramatic than living or dying really is.

Life cannot exist without the Sun/ Soleil.


Opal Luna “My Moon”

Lunar Lunes/ Mondays- Owning my Power
(In honor of my Opal Lunal)

Opal Luna taught me how to own my power and trust myself and my strengths. She helped me to understand my fears.

Seeds, winds, rains, cannot be planted without the Moon.




Cisco Terruño “My Fertile Soil”

Terruñio Tuesdays- Comprehend to Transcend
(In honor of my Cisco Terruñio)

Terruñio showed me that in order to understand the dis-ease of the trees and plants, I first need to understand the Soil and keep it or make it fertile.

Nothing can grow if the soil is not fertile.




My Oak

Oak Wisdom Wednesday – Balancing it all out
(In honor of my Oak)

Oak taught me how easily we can lose our balance and our trust when we look the other way.

The branches and the roots of an Oak are balanced.




The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo

Maktub Thursday- Following my Written Path
(Inspired by The Alchemist – An excellent book)

We each have our own paths and though we search and search, our paths are written right within us.
We are born knowing our truths, the question is….. Can you stay true to your path?
I have.




Dottie “Orenda”

Festive Friday- Celebrating my Orenda.
(In honor of my Dottie Orenda)

We each have our own Orenda. Even a storm has its own Orenda, which is what makes it a storm.

Orenda, taught me suffering and perseverance alongside with a true surrender. She did not have many voices in her life, but when the constellations of all her sufferings were in a balance to unravel, then surrender will release us back into the cosmos.



Lyle Saturday – Live & Lounge
(In honor of Lyle my chameleon from Madagascar)

Lye taught me about my Spine. I “rescued” him from a pet store, they obtained him from Madagascar. He taught me how we hold stress in our delicate spines.

Chameleons become very contracted when they are afraid and their spines are extremely delicate, as do ours.