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As we move closer into the middle of Fall, I can’t help to think about what will become of the soil, whose leaves have been removed and the Earth left bare to weather the Winter. In a world in search of perfection we miss the fact that “perfect” can only be found in the beauty of Nature and all of our true essences. Each time I pass a new construction zone and a massacre of trees to accommodate the influx of growth of the human population, I can’t help to sulk a bit. There is a sadness that comes with death. Death of the leaves that fall, death of the trees that are cut down, death of a loss of something or someone that has been by our side for so many breathes. There is a vulnerability that comes with Fall and Winter right around the corner. We are able to see the naked terrain of Mother Earth and the silhouette of her beautiful trees during this time. This process of letting go, brings about not just a sadness and vulnerability, but also a time to stare into our lives with a kindness. Knowing that we are all made of the same elements as the Earth and the trees. We don’t need mirrors, bc the reflection of hidden potential is all around.

We simply need to awaken.

And what does that mean amidst the chaos of holiday times? It means to step back for a moment and rejoice in the beauty of the chaos that surrounds us. Being able to see the eyes of a fallen Elder in the eyes of your child or niece or nephew or maybe your own eyes. Stepping back to watch for a moment in time everything move into slow motion, so that you can absorb into all of your cells this very moment of living.

You see we move slow here at the studio, like sloths or turtles a lot of times, just so we can feel everything. And those that feel the need to keep rushing, ask yourself why you might hurt or where did your life go, and then slow down a bit. Slow down a bit to feel your cells die and birth again all with a breath. It is really difficult and exhilarating all at the same time. You have most of your day to rush, but as always I encourage you to step out of your speedy life and join us in living and feeling things you may have never thought you could feel. Like the breath leaving your lungs and the leaves of your bronchial trees inflate with new life and new opportunities.

IT IS ALL QUITE A Divine Experience!

The healing Circle for this upcoming transition into winter is about the rings of our trees. An honoring of how we also stand like the Standing People. Life is a meditation and we need not forget how to Stand in a sacred manner to keep the peaceful rivers flowing within and all around us.

There are opportunities all around, read on to learn about our specials and upcoming events. In the meantime as Cherokee Elder taught Victoria and I to say –

Donadagohv ( till we meet again).



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