Overcoming Fears

Talk about overcoming our fears. Folding forward makes us reflect inward. To honor our own inner light. Anxiety is all over the place and the more anxious we are, the more we fight turning inward. Inner reflection and embracing ourselves and understanding that we each have our own paths makes it that we can’t judge or waste our energies comparing ourselves on how others do things. Or how we should have done things. Turn inward as much as you can.
Growing up, I spent quite a bit of time in my room or on my parents roof. I would train my mind to be quiet. To be present. Now it is part of my life, and I understand not part of others.
When we begin our classes we sit for a good 5-10 minutes just to turn inward and to set the pace of our practice.
Think about it. If you only turn outward, wouldn’t you exhaust yourself?
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